Statistics For The Terrified, 4/e

Gerald Kranzler, Janet Moursund, John H. Kranzler





For undergraduate or graduate courses in Statistics and Research Methods. 


User-friendly and engaging introduction to elementary statistics...


Written in a personal and informal style, this book helps readers make the leap from apprehension to comprehension.  Statistics For The Terrified 4/e  teaches students how to use SPSS, one of the most widely used statistical software packages. This book successfully encourages readers grasp the meaning of basic statistical concepts and to solve statistical problems through a unique blend of humor, logic, and common sense. Examples problems are provided using SPSS for every key concept along with step-by-step assistance, without the need for lengthy theoretical discussions.




Table of Contents

SECTION I  Essentials for Statistics


1    Effective Strategies for Studying Statistics

2    Overcoming Math Anxiety

3     How to Use SPSS


SECTION II  Describing Univariate Data


4     Frequency Distributions

5     Descriptive Statistics

6     The Normal Curve

7     Percentiles and Standard Scores


SECTION III  Correlation Coefficients and Linear Regression


8     Correlation Coefficients

9     Linear Regression


SECTION IV  Inferential Statistics


10    Introduction to Inferential Statistics

11   The t Test

12   Analysis of Variance

13   Non-parametric Statistics: Chi-square

14   Postscript


      A      Basic Math Concepts

      B      Proportions of Area under the Normal Curve

      C      Random Selection