Digital Information Management

Stephen J. Ethier, Christine A. Ethier



Today’s digital world has a language all its own. Digital Information Management: A Survival Guide to Digital Multimedia is designed to help college students, educators, and professionals learn how to communicate their ideas using the basic elements of digital media. Devoting a chapter to each tool, it skillfully introduces multimedia components such as text, graphics, audio, animation, and video. It discusses both the legal issues surrounding intellectual property and also how to combine various digital elements for maximum impact. Accompanied by an application software CD-ROM, this book provides the tools needed to express thoughts and ideas effectively in today’s digital world.


Table of Contents

1.      What is Multimedia Made of?

2.      Text in Any Other Font ( Text)

3.      Drawing Pictures ( Vector versus Raster)

4.      Music to My Ear ( Audio)

5.      Keep Things Moving ( Animation)

6.      Let’s Go to the Show ( Video)

7.      Permission Please or Can I Have a Copy of That? ( Legal Use)

8.      It’s All in the Plans ( Communicating Engineering Drawings)

9.      Think Ahead ( Production Planning)