Logic and Discrete Mathematics: A Computer Science Perspective

Winfried K. Grassmann, Jean-Paul Tremblay, Winifred Karl Grassman, Winfried K. Grassman

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For one/two-semester, sophomore-level courses in Discrete Mathematics.

This text covers all the traditional topics of discrete mathematics — logic, sets, relations, functions, and graphs — and reflects recent trends in computer science.

Table of Contents

1. Propositional Calculus.
2. Predicate Calculus.
3. Induction and Recursion.
4. Prolog.
5. Sets and Relations.
6. More About Functions.
7. Graphs And Trees
8. Formal Requirement Specification in Z.
9. Program Correctness Proofs.
10. Grammars, Languages, and Parsing.
11. Derivations.
12. An Overview of Relational Database Systems.
Solutions to Even-numbered Problems.