Optics: An Introduction for Technicians and Technologists (Paperback)

J. Warren Blaker, Peter Schaeffer

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For courses in Optical Science and Technology.

Offering the ideas and principles of optical science in a non-intimidating fashion, this brief text enables the student to grasp the language and concepts of optics. Students are provided with an understanding of the ideas and principles of optical science without the formal physics material accompanying other optics texts.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Geometrical Optics: The Underlying Principles.
3. Mirrors.
4. Lenses.
5. Optical Devices.
6. Waves.
7. Interferometry and Thin Films.
8. Diffraction.
9. Lasers and Other Light Sources.
10. Optical Detectors.
11. Fiber-Optical Communication Systems.
12. Holography Image Processing and Optical Signal Processing.