The Essential Guide to Digital Signal Processing (Paperback)

Richard G. Lyons, D. Lee Fugal



  • How signal processing works: clear, simple explanations in plain English
  • Breakthrough DSP applications: from smartphones to healthcare and beyond
  • Covers both digital and analog signals
  • An indispensable resource for tech writers, marketers, managers, and other nonengineers


The Complete DSP Guide for Businesspeople and Nontechnical Professionals


Digital signal processing (DSP) technology is everywhere–each time you use a smartphone, tablet, or computer; play an MP3; watch a digital TV or DVD; get GPS directions; play a video game; take a digital photo; or even have an MRI, DSP technology is at work.


Now, for the first time, The Essential Guide to Digital Signal Processing offers readers of all levels simple, plain-English explanations of digital and analog signals and modern DSP applications. Whether you sell technology, write about it, manage it, fix it, or invest in it, this is the book for you.


Using everyday examples and simple diagrams, two leading DSP consultants and instructors completely demystify signal processing. You’ll discover what digital signals are, how they’re generated, and how they’re changing your life.


You’ll learn all you need to know about digital signal collection, filtering, analysis, and more, and how DSP works in today’s most exciting devices and applications.


Coverage includes

  • How engineers understand and work with analog signal spectra and frequencies
  • How digital signals are generated and used in modern electronic devices
  • The surprising things that happen when analog signals are converted to digital form
  • How (and why) engineers compute digital signal spectra with Fourier transforms
  • What wavelets are and how they’re used everywhere, from medicine to the camera in your smartphone
  • How digital filters are used in DSP applications
  • Cutting-edge DSP applications, from automatic music-tuning software to medical EKG signal analysis
  • A comprehensive glossary of signal processing terminology and acronyms


You’ll gain a clear, conceptual understanding of all key signal processing operations and vocabulary. That means you’ll understand much of the “magic” built into today’s newest devices, and you’ll be ready to succeed in virtually any nontechnical role that requires DSP knowledge.




  • 信號處理的運作方式:用簡單明瞭的英文解釋
  • 突破性的數位信號處理應用:從智慧型手機到醫療保健等領域
  • 涵蓋數位和類比信號
  • 對於技術作家、行銷人員、管理人員和其他非工程師來說是一個不可或缺的資源


數位信號處理(DSP)技術無所不在 - 每次使用智慧型手機、平板電腦或電腦;播放MP3;觀看數位電視或DVD;獲取GPS導航;玩視頻遊戲;拍數位照片;甚至進行核磁共振成像(MRI)時,DSP技術都在發揮作用。

現在,首次出版的 數位信號處理基礎指南 為所有程度的讀者提供了對數位和類比信號以及現代DSP應用的簡單明瞭的英文解釋。無論您是銷售技術、撰寫技術文章、管理技術、修理技術還是投資技術,這本書都適合您。




  • 工程師如何理解和處理類比信號的頻譜和頻率
  • 數位信號在現代電子設備中的生成和使用方式
  • 當類比信號轉換為數位形式時發生的驚人事情
  • 工程師如何使用傅立葉變換計算數位信號頻譜的方法(以及原因)
  • 小波是什麼,以及它們在醫學到智慧型手機相機等各個領域的應用
  • 數位濾波器在DSP應用中的使用方式
  • 尖端的DSP應用,從自動音樂調音軟體到醫療心電圖信號分析
  • 信號處理術語和縮寫的全面詞彙表