Agile IT Organization Design: For Digital Transformation and Continuous Delivery (Paperback)

Sriram Narayan



To gain the full benefits of agility in any software organization, you need to extend it beyond developers to the organization as a whole. Aspiring digital businesses need overall agility, not just development team agility. Now, Sriram Narayan, IT management consultant at ThoughtWorks, shows how to do just that. Drawing on 15+ years working with leaders in telecommunications, finance, energy, retail, and beyond, he introduces a comprehensive agile approach to "Business-IT Effectiveness" that is as practical as it is valuable.
Sriram demonstrates how to integrate agility throughout sales, marketing, product development, engineering, and operations, helping each function deliver more value individually and through its linkages with the rest of the business. Addressing people, process, and technology, he guides you in improving both the dynamic and static aspects of organization design, addressing team structure, accountability structures, organizational norms and culture, metrics, and more.
Using real examples, Sriram helps you evaluate and improve organization designs to enhance autonomy, mastery, and purpose. You'll learn how to eliminate the specific organizational silos that cause the most problems... improve communication in organizations that claim to be (but aren't really) non-hierarchical... optimize the way you build teams, design office space, and even choose tools.
Simply put, Agile IT Organization Design will help you improve the performance of any software organization.


為了在任何軟體組織中獲得敏捷性的全部好處,您需要將其擴展到整個組織,而不僅僅是開發人員。渴望成為數位化企業的人需要整體的敏捷性,而不僅僅是開發團隊的敏捷性。現在,ThoughtWorks的IT管理顧問Sriram Narayan將向您展示如何做到這一點。他在電信、金融、能源、零售等領域與領導者合作超過15年的經驗,介紹了一種全面的敏捷方法,即“業務-IT效能”,這種方法既實用又有價值。