Learn More Python 3 the Hard Way: The Next Step for New Python Programmers (Paperback)

Zed A. Shaw



Transform Your Ideas into High-Quality Python Code!


Zed Shaw has perfected the world’s best system for becoming a truly effective Python 3.x developer. Follow it and you will succeed—just like the tens of millions of programmers he’s already taught. You bring the discipline, commitment, and persistence; the author supplies everything else.


In Learn Python 3 the Hard Way, Zed Shaw taught you the basics of Programming with Python 3. Now, in Learn More Python 3 the Hard Way, you’ll go far beyond the basics by working through 52 brilliantly crafted projects. Each one helps you build a key practical skill, combining demos to get you started and challenges to deepen your understanding. Zed then teaches you even more in 12 hours of online videos, where he shows you how to break, fix, and debug your code.


First, you’ll discover how to analyze a concept, idea, or problem to implement in software. Then, step by step, you’ll learn to design solutions based on your analyses and implement them as simply and elegantly as possible. Throughout, Shaw stresses process so you can get started and build momentum, creativity to solve new problems, and quality so you’ll build code people can rely on.

  • Manage complex projects with a programmer’s text editor
  • Leverage the immense power of data structures
  • Apply algorithms to process your data structures
  • Master indispensable text parsing and processing techniques
  • Use SQL to efficiently and logically model stored data
  • Learn powerful command-line tools and skills
  • Combine multiple practices in complete projects

It’ll be hard at first. But soon, you’ll just get it—and that will feel great!


This course will reward you for every minute you put into it. Soon, you’ll go beyond merely writing code that runs: you’ll craft high-quality Python code that solves real problems. You’ll be a serious Python programmer.


Perfect for Everyone Who’s Already Started Working with Python, including Junior Developers and Seasoned Python Programmers Upgrading to Python 3.6+


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Zed Shaw已經完善了成為真正有效的Python 3.x開發人員的最佳系統。遵循這個系統,你將會成功,就像他已經教過的數以百萬計的程序員一樣。你需要紀律、承諾和堅持,作者提供其他一切。

在《學習Python 3的困難之處》中,Zed Shaw教授了你Python 3的基礎知識。現在,在《更多學習Python 3的困難之處》中,你將通過52個精心設計的項目深入了解基礎知識。每個項目都幫助你建立一個關鍵的實用技能,結合示範讓你入門,挑戰讓你加深理解。然後,Zed在12小時的在線視頻中教授更多知識,向你展示如何破解、修復和調試代碼。


- 使用程序員的文本編輯器管理複雜項目
- 利用數據結構的巨大威力
- 應用算法處理數據結構
- 掌握不可或缺的文本解析和處理技巧
- 使用SQL高效且邏輯地建模存儲的數據
- 學習強大的命令行工具和技巧
- 將多種實踐結合到完整的項目中



非常適合已經開始使用Python的所有人,包括初級開發人員和升級到Python 3.6+的經驗豐富的Python程序員。