The Agile Guide to Business Analysis and Planning: From Strategic Plan to Continuous Value Delivery

Podeswa, Howard


Complete Agile Roadmap for Analyzing Customer Needs and Planning Product Development
"With his vast experience in the field, Howard Podeswa demonstrates how business analysis and agile practitioners can apply fundamental business analysis practices and techniques across the most widely used agile frameworks."
--Alain Arseneault, business analysis enthusiast, thought leader, and creative insurgent
The Agile Guide to Business Analysis and Planning presents clear, actionable guidance for every product owner, product manager, analyst, requirements engineer and project manager seeking to improve agile analysis and planning. Renowned author and consultant Howard Podeswa teaches best-practices drawn from agile and agile-adjacent frameworks, including Lean Thinking, Lean Startup, Circumstance-Based Market Segmentation, theories of disruptive-innovation, DevOps, ATDD, Kanban, Scrum, XP and SAFe. He offers a comprehensive agile roadmap for analyzing customer needs and planning product development, including discussion of legacy business analysis tools that still offer immense value.

Using a running case study, Podeswa walks through the full product lifecycle, from visioning through release. You learn how to engage more productively with the business, using tools such as Kano Analysis, Circumstance-Market Segmentation, MVPs, Story Maps, Product Roadmaps, Customer Journey Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, and Business Process Modeling (BPM). Podeswa presents each technique in context: what you need to know and when to apply each tool. Read this book to

  • Master principles, frameworks, concepts, and practices of agile analysis and planning
  • Explore planning and analysis in short-term, long-term, and scaled agile initiatives
  • Use early analysis activities to envision new products or significant enhancements
  • Prepare, plan, and estimate individual features
  • Master unique techniques needed by large agile organizations
  • Implement 13 practices for optimizing enterprise agility

Supported by 175+ tools, techniques, examples, diagrams, templates, checklists, and other job aids, this book is a complete toolkit for every practitioner. Whatever your role, you'll find indispensable guidance on planning and analysis responsibilities so you can help your organization respond more nimbly to its fast-changing environment.

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「憑藉其在該領域的豐富經驗,Howard Podeswa 展示了業務分析和敏捷實踐者如何在最廣泛使用的敏捷框架中應用基本的業務分析實踐和技巧。」
- Alain Arseneault,業務分析愛好者、思想領袖和創新者

《敏捷業務分析和規劃指南》提供了明確可行的指導,適用於每位產品負責人、產品經理、分析師、需求工程師和專案經理,旨在改善敏捷分析和規劃。著名作家和顧問 Howard Podeswa 教授了從敏捷和相關框架中獲得的最佳實踐,包括精益思維、精益創業、基於情境的市場細分、破壞性創新理論、DevOps、ATDD、看板、Scrum、XP 和 SAFe。他提供了一個全面的敏捷路線圖,用於分析客戶需求和規劃產品開發,包括討論仍然具有巨大價值的傳統業務分析工具。

Podeswa 通過一個實例案例研究,從願景到發布,詳細介紹了完整的產品生命周期。您將學習如何更有效地與業務進行合作,使用工具如 Kano 分析、情境市場細分、MVP、故事地圖、產品路線圖、客戶旅程地圖、價值流圖和業務流程建模(BPM)。Podeswa 在每個技術的背景下介紹了每個工具的使用方法和適用時機。閱讀本書,您將能夠:

- 掌握敏捷分析和規劃的原則、框架、概念和實踐
- 探索短期、長期和規模化敏捷計劃和分析
- 使用早期分析活動來構想新產品或重大改進
- 準備、規劃和估算個別功能
- 掌握大型敏捷組織所需的獨特技巧
- 實施13種優化企業敏捷性的實踐




Howard Podeswa is Director for Noble Inc. and is an established author, professional artist, and sought-after speaker at international conferences. Podeswa's career in software development began with an academic background in nuclear physics, which led to him work on a nuclear-accident simulation program for Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. From the 1990s on, he has been helping large organizations transition their planning, analysis, and requirements engineering (RE) processes to agile practices across a broad range of sectors, including telecommunications, banking, government services, insurance, and healthcare. He plays a leading role in the industry as a designer of agile and business analysis (BA) training programs for companies and higher education institutions, including Boston University Corporate Education Center and Humber College; as a reviewer of the BA profession's standard books of best practices ( BABOK (IIBA) and Business Analysis for Practitioners--A Practice Guide (PMI)); and as an author whose books have become staples in many BA libraries: The Business Analyst's Handbook and UML for the IT Business Analyst.


Howard Podeswa是Noble Inc.的董事,也是一位知名的作家、專業藝術家,以及國際會議上受邀的演講者。Podeswa在軟體開發領域的職業生涯始於核物理學的學術背景,他曾為加拿大原子能公司開發核事故模擬程式。從1990年代開始,他一直協助大型組織將其計劃、分析和需求工程(RE)流程轉向敏捷實踐,涵蓋了電信、銀行、政府服務、保險和醫療保健等廣泛的行業。他在業界擔任重要角色,設計了敏捷和業務分析(BA)培訓計劃,為公司和高等教育機構提供服務,包括波士頓大學企業教育中心和Humber學院。他還擔任業務分析專業的標準最佳實踐書籍(IIBA的BABOK和PMI的Business Analysis for Practitioners--A Practice Guide)的審查人,並且是一位作家,他的書籍已成為許多業務分析圖書館的必備資料,包括《The Business Analyst's Handbook》和《UML for the IT Business Analyst》。