Lightroom Transformations: Realizing your vision with Adobe Lightroom plus Photoshop

Martin Evening


Photographer and digital imaging expert Martin Evening's guiding philosophy when editing images is to ask, “What is the point? Does what I am doing enhance the picture, or is it just artifice for artifice’s sake?” In Lightroom Transformations, Martin applies this approach to a broad collection of images, showing you how to turn ordinary-looking photos into hero shots—without using fancy montage techniques or wacky effects. By giving each image his own interpretation and explaining the rationale behind the choices he makes, he shows how you can do the same when processing your photos.


Focusing primarily on techniques using Lightroom and Camera Raw—but also with Photoshop—Martin demonstrates how to manipulate the tones and composition of images to create photographs that correspond to your personal photographic vision. Filled with before-and-after shots with detailed explanations of how to go from an ordinary image to an extraordinary one, the book illustrates what you can achieve using Lightroom or Photoshop as a creative tool to enhance the natural beauty that lies within your images.

  • Helps you pre-visualize the end result you would like for your photos, and provides easy-to-follow steps for simple edits to polish almost any image
  • Includes tips on shooting technique to improve your images in-camera
  • Demonstrates how to recompose existing shots to illustrate how a photograph could have been shot and composed better
  • Includes short videos that demonstrate some of the techniques discussed in the book


攝影師和數位影像專家Martin Evening在編輯圖像時的指導原則是問自己:“這樣做有什麼意義?我的操作是否能增強圖片,還是只是為了虛構而虛構?”在《Lightroom Transformations》一書中,Martin將這種方法應用於各種圖像,向您展示如何將普通的照片變成英雄般的作品,而無需使用花俏的蒙太奇技巧或奇特的效果。通過對每張圖像進行自己的詮釋並解釋他所做選擇的理由,他展示了您在處理照片時可以做到同樣的事情。

本書主要介紹使用Lightroom和Camera Raw的技巧,但也包括使用Photoshop的部分。Martin演示了如何操縱圖像的色調和構圖,以創造符合您個人攝影視覺的照片。書中包含了從普通圖像到非凡圖像的詳細解說,並附有前後對比的照片,展示了使用Lightroom或Photoshop作為創意工具來增強圖像內在自然美的成果。

- 幫助您預視照片的最終效果,並提供簡單的步驟來磨煉幾乎任何圖像
- 提供有關拍攝技巧的提示,以改善相機內的圖像
- 演示如何重新構圖現有的照片,以展示如何更好地拍攝和構圖
- 包含短片展示書中討論的一些技巧