Scala for the Impatient,2/e

Cay S. Horstmann



Interest in the Scala programming language continues to grow for many reasons. Scala embraces the functional programming style without abandoning the object-oriented paradigm, and it allows you to write programs more concisely than in Java. Because Scala runs on the JVM, it can access any Java library and is interoperable with familiar Java frameworks. Scala also makes it easier to leverage the full power of concurrency.


Written for experienced Java, C++, or C# programmers who are new to Scala or functional programming, Scala for the Impatient, Second Edition, introduces the key Scala concepts and techniques you need in order to be productive quickly. It is the perfect introduction to the language, particularly for impatient readers who want to learn the fundamentals of Scala so they can start coding quickly. It doesn’t attempt to exhaustively list all the features of the language or make you suffer through long and contrived examples. Instead, carefully crafted examples and hands-on activities guide you through well-defined stages of competency, from basic to expert.


This revised edition has been thoroughly updated for Scala 2.12 and reflects current Scala usage. It includes added coverage of recent Scala features, including string interpolation, dynamic invocation, implicit classes, and futures. Scala is a big language, but you can use it effectively without knowing all of its details intimately. This title provides precisely the information that you need to get started in compact, easy-to-understand chunks.

  • Get started quickly with Scala’s interpreter, syntax, tools, and unique idioms
  • Master core language features: functions, arrays, maps, tuples, packages, imports, exception handling, and more
  • Become familiar with object-oriented programming in Scala: classes, inheritance, and traits
  • Use Scala for real-world programming tasks: working with files, regular expressions, and XML
  • Work with higher-order functions and the powerful Scala collections library
  • Leverage Scala’s powerful pattern matching and case classes
  • Create concurrent programs with Scala futures
  • Implement domain-specific languages
  • Understand the Scala type system
  • Apply advanced “power tools,” such as annotations, implicits, and type classes

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《Scala for the Impatient, Second Edition》是為有經驗的Java、C++或C#程序員而寫的,他們對Scala或函數式編程還不熟悉。本書介紹了你需要快速提高生產力所需的Scala關鍵概念和技巧。對於那些想要快速學習Scala基礎知識並開始編程的急切讀者來說,這是一本完美的入門書。它不試圖詳盡列出語言的所有特性,也不會讓你在冗長和牽強的例子中受苦。相反,精心設計的例子和實踐活動將引導你通過明確定義的能力階段,從基礎到專家。

這本修訂版已經全面更新為Scala 2.12,並反映了當前的Scala使用情況。它增加了對最近Scala特性的覆蓋,包括字符串插值、動態調用、隱式類和future。Scala是一個大型語言,但你可以在不熟悉其所有細節的情況下有效地使用它。本書提供了你需要開始的精確信息,以緊湊易懂的方式呈現。

- 快速入門Scala的解釋器、語法、工具和獨特慣用法
- 掌握核心語言特性:函數、數組、映射、元組、包、導入、異常處理等
- 熟悉Scala的面向對象編程:類、繼承和特徵
- 使用Scala進行實際的編程任務:處理文件、正則表達式和XML
- 使用高階函數和強大的Scala集合庫
- 利用Scala強大的模式匹配和case類
- 創建具有Scala future的並發程序
- 實現特定領域的語言
- 理解Scala類型系統
- 應用高級的“強大工具”,如註釋、隱式和類型類