Effective SQL: 61 Specific Ways to Write Better SQL (Paperback)

John L. Viescas, Douglas J. Steele, Ben G. Clothier



“Given the authors’ reputations, I expected to be impressed. I was blown away! . . . Most SQL books sit on my shelf. This one will live on my desk.”
–Roger Carlson, Microsoft Access MVP (2006-2015)

“Rather than stumble around reinventing wheels or catching glimpses of the proper approaches, do yourself a favor: Buy this book.”
—Dave Stokes, MySQL Community Manager, Oracle Corporation

Effective SQL brings together practical solutions and insights so you can solve complex problems with SQL and design databases that simplify data management in the future. It’s the only modern book that brings together advanced best practices and realistic example code for all of these versions of SQL: IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database, and PostgreSQL.

Drawing on their immense experience as world-class database consultants and instructors, the authors identify 61 proven approaches to writing better SQL. Wherever SQL versions vary, the authors illuminate the key nuances, so you can get the most out of whatever version you prefer. This full-color guide provides clear, practical explanations; expert tips; and plenty of usable code. Going far beyond mere syntax, it addresses issues ranging from optimizing database designs to managing hierarchies and metadata. If you already know SQL’s basics, this guide will help you become a world-class SQL problem-solver.

  • Craft better logical data models, and fix flawed models
  • Implement indexes that improve query performance
  • Handle external data from sources you don’t control
  • Extract and aggregate the information you need, as efficiently as possible
  • Write more flexible subqueries
  • Analyze and retrieve metadata using your database platform of choice
  • Use Cartesian Products and Tally Tables to solve problems you can’t address with conventional JOINs
  • Model hierarchical data: managing SQL’s tradeoffs and shortcomings


"鑑於作者的聲譽,我對這本書期望很高。但它超乎我的想像!大多數 SQL 書籍都只是放在書架上,而這本書將一直放在我的桌上。" - Roger Carlson, Microsoft Access MVP (2006-2015)

"不要再浪費時間重複發明輪子或是摸索正確的方法,給自己一個好處:買這本書。" - Dave Stokes, MySQL 社群經理, Oracle Corporation

《Effective SQL》匯集了實用的解決方案和見解,讓您能夠使用 SQL 解決複雜的問題,並設計簡化未來數據管理的資料庫。這是唯一一本集合了先進最佳實踐和實際範例代碼的現代書籍,適用於以下所有版本的 SQL:IBM DB2、Microsoft Access、Microsoft SQL Server、MySQL、Oracle Database 和 PostgreSQL。

作者們憑藉其作為世界級數據庫顧問和教師的豐富經驗,確定了61種改進 SQL 的有效方法。無論 SQL 版本如何變化,作者都會闡明關鍵細微之處,讓您能夠充分利用您偏好的版本。這本全彩色指南提供清晰實用的解釋、專家建議和大量可用代碼。它不僅僅涉及語法,還涵蓋了從優化數據庫設計到管理層次結構和元數據等問題。如果您已經熟悉 SQL 的基礎知識,這本指南將幫助您成為世界級的 SQL 解決問題者。

- 創建更好的邏輯數據模型,並修復有缺陷的模型
- 實施能夠提高查詢性能的索引
- 處理來自您無法控制的外部數據來源
- 盡可能高效地提取和聚合所需的信息
- 撰寫更靈活的子查詢
- 使用您選擇的數據庫平台進行分析和檢索元數據
- 使用笛卡爾積和計數表解決無法使用常規 JOIN 解決的問題
- 建模層次數據:處理 SQL 的權衡和缺陷