Node.js, MongoDB and Angular Web Development: The definitive guide to using the MEAN stack to build web applications, 2/e (Paperback)

Brad Dayley, Brendan Dayley, Caleb Dayley




Node.js, MongoDB and Angular Web Development

The definitive guide to using the MEAN stack to build web applications



Node.js is a leading server-side programming environment, MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database, and Angular is the leading framework for MVC-based front-end development. Together, they provide an easy-to-implement, fully integrated web development stack that allows web programmers to create high-performance sites and applications built completely in JavaScript, from server to client.


Updated for Angular 2, Angular 4, and subsequent versions, this new edition of Node.js, MongoDB and Angular Web Development shows you how to integrate these three technologies into complete working solutions. It begins with concise, crystal-clear tutorials on each technology and then quickly moves on to building common web applications.


You’ll learn how to use Node.js and MongoDB to build more scalable, high-performance sites, how to leverage Angular’s innovative MVC approach to structure more effective pages and applications, and how to use all three together to deliver outstanding next-generation Web solutions.


  • Implement a highly scalable and dynamic web server using Node.js and Express
  • Implement a MongoDB data store for your web applications
  • Access and interact with MongoDB from Node.js JavaScript code
  • Learn the basics of TypeScript
  • Define custom Angular directives that extend the HTML language
  • Build server-side web services in JavaScript
  • Implement client-side services that can interact with the Node.js web server
  • Build dynamic browser views that provide rich user interaction
  • Add authenticated user accounts and nested comment components to your web applications and pages

Contents at a Glance




Part I: Getting Started

1 Introducing the Node.js-to-Angular Stack

2 JavaScript Primer

Part II: Learning Node.js

3 Getting Started with Node.js

4 Using Events, Listeners, Timers, and Callbacks in Node.js

5 Handling Data I/O in Node.js

6 Accessing the File System from Node.js

7 Implementing HTTP Services in Node.js

8 Implementing Socket Services in Node.js

9 Scaling Applications Using Multiple Processors in Node.js

10 Using Additional Node.js Modules

Part III: Learning MongoDB

11 Understanding NoSQL and MongoDB

12 Getting Started with MongoDB

13 Getting Started with MongoDB and Node.js

14 Manipulating MongoDB Documents from Node.js

15 Accessing MongoDB from Node.js

16 Using Mongoose for Structured Schema and Validation

17 Advanced MongoDB Concepts

Part IV: Using Express to Make Life Easier

18 Implementing Express in Node.js

19 Implementing Express Middleware

Part V: Learning Angular

20 Jumping into TypeScript

21 Getting Started with Angular

22 Angular Components

23 Expressions

24 Data Binding

25 Built-in Directives

Part VI: Advanced Angular

26 Custom Directives

27 Events and Change Detection

28 Implementing Angular Services in Web Applications

29 Creating Your Own Custom Angular Services


30 Having Fun with Angular



Node.js、MongoDB和Angular Web開發



這本新版書籍已更新至Angular 2、Angular 4和後續版本,將向您展示如何將這三種技術整合成完整的解決方案。它以簡潔明瞭的教學開始介紹每個技術,然後快速轉入建立常見網頁應用程式的範例。



第一部分: 入門

1. 介紹Node.js和Angular堆疊
2. JavaScript入門

第二部分: 學習Node.js

3. 開始使用Node.js
4. 在Node.js中使用事件、監聽器、計時器和回呼
5. 處理Node.js中的資料輸入/輸出
6. 從Node.js存取檔案系統
7. 在Node.js中實現HTTP服務
8. 在Node.js中實現Socket服務
9. 使用多處理器在Node.js中擴展應用程式
10. 使用其他Node.js模組

第三部分: 學習MongoDB

11. 了解NoSQL和MongoDB
12. 開始使用MongoDB
13. 開始使用MongoDB和Node.js
14. 從Node.js操作MongoDB文件
15. 從Node.js存取MongoDB
16. 使用Mongoose進行結構化架構和驗證
17. 進階MongoDB概念

第四部分: 使用Express讓生活更輕鬆

18. 在Node.js中實現Express
19. 實現Express中間件

第五部分: 學習Angular

20. Angular入門
21. 在Angular中使用模組和元件
22. 在Angular中使用服務和依賴注入
23. 在Angular中使用表單和驗證
24. 在Angular中使用路由和導航
25. 在Angular中使用HTTP和觀察者模式
26. 在Angular中使用動畫和視圖

附錄A: 安裝和設置Node.js、MongoDB和Angular
附錄B: 進階Node.js和MongoDB
附錄C: 進階Angular