Supercharged Python: Take Your Code to the Next Level

Brian Overland



If you’re ready to write better Python code and use more advanced features, Advanced Python Programming was written for you. Brian Overland distills advanced topics down to their essentials, illustrating them with simple examples and practical exercises. 
Building on Overland’s widely-praised approach in Python Without Fear, the authors start with short, simple examples designed for easy entry, and quickly ramp you up to creating useful utilities and games, and using Python to solve interesting puzzles. Everything you’ll need to know is patiently explained and clearly illustrated, and the authors illuminate the design decisions and tricks behind each language feature they cover. You’ll gain the in-depth understanding to successfully apply all these advanced features and techniques: 
  • Coding for runtime efficiency
  • Lambda functions (and when to use them)
  • Managing versioning 
  • Localization and Unicode
  • Regular expressions
  • Binary operators 
  • Radix conversions 
  • Data formatting, in depth
  • Creating, building, and importing packages
  • Using the Django web-development package
  • Graphics programming
  • Magic methods and advanced object orientation
  • Reading and writing binary files, and more