Engineering Design and Graphics with Solidworks

Bethune, James D.

  • 出版商: Peachpit Press
  • 出版日期: 2019-06-25
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 768
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  • ISBN: 0135401755
  • ISBN-13: 9780135401750
  • 相關分類: Solidwork
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In Engineering Design and Graphics with SolidWorks 2019, award-winning CAD instructor and author James Bethune shows students how to use SolidWorks to create engineering drawings and designs.

The textbook has been updated to cover the new features in SolidWorks 2019, including a brand-new chapter with sample problems to help students prepare for the CSWA Exam. It focuses on the creation of engineering drawings, including dimensions and tolerances and the use of standard parts and tools. Each chapter contains step-by-step sample problems that show students how to apply the concepts presented in the chapter.
Effective pedagogy throughout the text helps students learn and retain concepts:

  • OBJECTIVES: Each chapter begins with objectives and an introduction to the material.
  • SUMMARIES: Each chapter concludes with a summary and exercise problems.
  • NUMEROUS ILLUSTRATIONS: The multitude of illustrations, accompanied by explanatory captions, present a visual approach to learning. Students see in the text what they see on the screen with the addition of explanatory text.
  • PRACTICAL APPLICATION: The text provides hundreds of exercise projects of varying difficulty (far more than any other computer graphics text). These exercises reinforce each chapter's content and help students learn by doing.
  • FLEXIBILITY: With the hundreds of problems presented in the book, instructors can assign different problems within the same class and from year to year without repeating problems for students.
  • MEETS STANDARDS: The text teaches ANSI standards for dimensions and tolerances. This helps students understand how their designs are defined for production and the importance of proper tolerancing.
  • STEP-BY-STEP APPROACH: In presenting the fundamentals of engineering drawing using SolidWorks, the text uses a step-by-step approach that allows students to work and learn at their own pace.
  • CSWA EXAM PREP: This edition includes sample problems to help students prepare for the CSWA Exam.



在《Engineering Design and Graphics with SolidWorks 2019》中,屢獲殊榮的CAD教師和作者James Bethune向學生展示如何使用SolidWorks創建工程圖紙和設計。

該教材已更新至SolidWorks 2019的新功能,包括一個全新的章節,提供示例問題,幫助學生準備CSWA考試。它專注於創建工程圖紙,包括尺寸和公差以及標準零件和工具的使用。每個章節都包含逐步示例問題,展示學生如何應用該章節中介紹的概念。

- 目標:每個章節開始時都有目標和材料介紹。
- 摘要:每個章節結束時都有摘要和練習問題。
- 大量插圖:大量插圖配有解釋性標題,以視覺化的方式進行學習。學生可以在文本中看到屏幕上的內容,並附有解釋性文本。
- 實際應用:教材提供了數百個難度不同的練習項目(比其他電腦圖形教材更多)。這些練習項目強化了每個章節的內容,並幫助學生通過實踐學習。
- 靈活性:通過教材中提供的數百個問題,教師可以在同一班級和年度中分配不同的問題,而不會重複給學生。
- 符合標準:教材教授ANSI的尺寸和公差標準。這有助於學生理解他們的設計如何為生產定義,以及正確公差的重要性。
- 逐步方法:在使用SolidWorks介紹工程繪圖基礎知識時,教材使用逐步方法,讓學生可以按照自己的節奏工作和學習。
- CSWA考試準備:本版本包含示例問題,幫助學生準備CSWA考試。


James D. Bethune taught drafting and Computer Aided-Design (CAD) for 39 years, twice winning the Outstanding Professor of the year award. He has an EdD in Education from Boston University and has written more than 25 books on drafting and CAD. While retired from full-time teaching, Jim continues to write textbooks on CAD. An avid golfer, Jim lives in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.



James D. Bethune教授了39年的繪圖和電腦輔助設計(CAD),兩次獲得年度傑出教授獎。他在波士頓大學獲得教育博士學位,並撰寫了超過25本有關繪圖和CAD的書籍。雖然已經退休,但Jim仍然繼續撰寫有關CAD的教科書。作為一位熱衷的高爾夫球手,Jim居住在羅德島的East Greenwich。