Systems Performance, 2/e (Paperback)

Gregg, Brendan



Systems performance analysis and tuning lead to a better end-user experience and lower costs, especially for cloud computing environments that charge by the OS instance. Systems Performance, 2nd Edition covers concepts, strategy, tools, and tuning for operating systems and applications, using Linux-based operating systems as the primary example.

World-renowned systems performance expert Brendan Gregg summarizes relevant operating system, hardware, and application theory to quickly get professionals up to speed even if they've never analyzed performance before, and to refresh and update advanced readers' knowledge. Gregg illuminates the latest tools and techniques, including extended BPF, showing how to get the most out of your systems in cloud, web, and large-scale enterprise environments. He covers these and other key topics:

  • Hardware, kernel, and application internals, and how they perform
  • Methodologies for rapid performance analysis of complex systems
  • Optimizing CPU, memory, file system, disk, and networking usage
  • Sophisticated profiling and tracing with perf, Ftrace, and BPF (BCC and bpftrace)
  • Performance challenges associated with cloud computing hypervisors
  • Benchmarking more effectively

Fully updated for current Linux operating systems and environments, Systems Performance, 2nd Edition addresses issues that apply to any computer system. The book will be a go-to reference for many years to come and recommended reading at many tech companies, like its predecessor first edition.



世界知名的系統性能專家Brendan Gregg摘要了相關的操作系統、硬件和應用程序理論,即使對性能分析沒有經驗的專業人士也能快速上手,同時也能更新進階讀者的知識。Gregg介紹了最新的工具和技術,包括擴展的BPF,展示如何在雲計算、Web和大型企業環境中充分利用系統。他涵蓋了以下關鍵主題:

- 硬件、內核和應用程序的內部運行和性能
- 快速分析複雜系統性能的方法論
- 優化CPU、內存、文件系統、磁盤和網絡使用
- 使用perf、Ftrace和BPF(BCC和bpftrace)進行高級分析和追蹤
- 雲計算虛擬化器帶來的性能挑戰
- 更有效的基準測試



Brendan Gregg is an industry expert in computing performance and cloud computing. He is a senior performance architect at Netflix, where he does performance design, evaluation, analysis, and tuning. The author of multiple technical books including BPF Performance Tools and Systems Performance, he received the USENIX LISA Award for Outstanding Achievement in System Administration. He has also been a kernel engineer and performance lead, and was program co-chair for the USENIX LISA 2018 conference. He has created performance tools included in multiple operating systems, and visualizations and methodologies for performance analysis, including flame graphs.


Brendan Gregg是計算性能和雲計算領域的行業專家。他是Netflix的高級性能架構師,負責性能設計、評估、分析和調優工作。他是多本技術書籍的作者,包括《BPF性能工具》和《系統性能》。他曾獲得USENIX LISA系統管理傑出成就獎。他還擔任過內核工程師和性能負責人,並擔任了USENIX LISA 2018會議的節目聯合主席。他創建了多個操作系統中包含的性能工具,以及性能分析的可視化和方法論,包括火焰圖。