Application Architecture for WebSphere: A Practical Approach to Building WebSphere Applications

Joey Bernal

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  • 出版日期: 2008-10-01
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Architect IBM® WebSphere® Applications for Maximum Performance, Security, Flexibility, Usability, and Value Successful, high-value WebSphere applications begin with effective architecture. Now, one of IBM’s leading WebSphere and WebSphere Portal architects offers a hands-on, best-practice guide to every facet of defining, planning, and implementing WebSphere application architectures. Joey Bernal shows working architects and teams how to define layered architectural standards that can be used across the entire organization, improving application quality without compromising flexibility.

Bernal begins by illuminating the role of architecture and the responsibilities of the architect in WebSphere applications and SOA environments. Next, he introduces specific architectural techniques for addressing persistence, application performance, security, functionality, user interaction, and much more.

Bernal presents a series of sample architectures drawn from his work with several leading organizations, demonstrating how architectures can evolve to support new layers and changing business requirements. Throughout, his techniques are specific enough to address realistic enterprise challenges, while still sufficiently high-level to be useful in diverse and heterogeneous environments.

Coverage includes

• Choosing persistence frameworks that serve business requirements without excessive complexity

• Avoiding persistence-related problems with performance, security, or application functionality

• Designing and deploying effective middle layers and dependent libraries within WebSphere Application Server

• Using WebSphere mechanisms and architectural techniques to avoid common security attacks such as SQL injection

• Improving performance with WebSphere Application Server caching, including Distributed Maps and Servlet/JSP fragment caching

• Using presentation frameworks to provide fast, robust, and attractive user interaction

• Incorporating portals that provide a standardized framework for merging multiple applications

Joey Bernal is an Executive IT Specialist with IBM Software Services for Lotus. Senior Certified with IBM as an IT Specialist, he has an extensive background in designing and developing Web and Portal Applications. He often leads IBM teams that have assisted dozens of clients in leveraging WebSphere Portal to address architecture, design, and implementation challenges. A frequent speaker on WebSphere and portal topics, Bernal is coauthor of Programming Portlets, and hosts the developerWorks blog: WebSphere Portal in Action. Prior to joining IBM, he was Director of IT for an incentive and performance improvement company, and served as lead technical advisor and architect for high-profile Internet and intranet applications at several Fortune 500 companies. You can also visit the author’s Web site at

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IBM® WebSphere®應用程式的架構設計:最大效能、安全性、彈性、易用性和價值

成功且具價值的WebSphere應用程式始於有效的架構設計。現在,IBM領先的WebSphere和WebSphere Portal架構師之一提供了一個實用的最佳實踐指南,涵蓋了定義、規劃和實施WebSphere應用程式架構的各個方面。Joey Bernal向工作中的架構師和團隊展示如何定義分層架構標準,以在整個組織中使用,提高應用程式的品質而不影響彈性。




• 選擇符合業務需求且不過於複雜的持久性框架
• 避免與性能、安全性或應用程式功能相關的持久性問題
• 在WebSphere應用程式伺服器中設計和部署有效的中間層和相依性庫
• 使用WebSphere機制和架構技術避免常見的安全攻擊,如SQL注入
• 通過WebSphere應用程式伺服器緩存提升性能,包括分散式映射和Servlet/JSP片段緩存
• 使用呈現框架提供快速、穩健和吸引人的使用者互動
• 整合提供標準化框架以合併多個應用程式的入口網站

Joey Bernal是IBM Software Services for Lotus的執行IT專家。作為IBM的高級認證IT專家,他在設計和開發Web和Portal應用程式方面擁有豐富的經驗。他經常帶領IBM團隊協助許多客戶利用WebSphere Portal解決架構、設計和實施方面的挑戰。作為WebSphere和Portal主題的演講者,Bernal是《Programming Portlets》的合著者,並主持developerWorks博客:WebSphere Portal in Action。在加入IBM之前,他曾擔任一家獎勵和績效改善公司的IT總監,並在幾家財富500強公司擔任高知名度的互聯網和內部網路應用程式的首席技術顧問和架構師。您也可以訪問作者的網站。

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