Front End Drupal: Designing, Theming, Scripting (Paperback)

Konstantin Kafer, Emma Hogbin

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  • 出版日期: 2009-04-01
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0137136692
  • ISBN-13: 9780137136698
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“For Drupal to succeed, we need books like this.”

–Dries Buytaert, Drupal founder and project lead


“Drupal faces a common problem on the Web–the relative lack of new, high quality themes. Front End Drupal tackles this problem directly and is designed to help both experienced designers and rank novices get an understanding of how Drupal theming works. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit I learned a lot from this book.”

– Dries Buytaert, Drupal founder and project lead


The Practical, Complete Guide to Customizing Drupal Sites with Behaviors, Themes, and Templates


Drupal is now the world’s #1 open source content management system: Thousands of individuals and organizations are using it to build and update Web sites of virtually every kind. As Web designers and developers adopt Drupal, they need ways to quickly customize the visuals and interactivity of their sites. Drupal offers powerful tools for doing so, but little guidance on using them effectively. Front End Drupal is the solution. In this book, two expert Drupal developers cover everything you need to know to create great visual designs and state-of-the-art interactivity with Drupal’s behaviors, themes, and templates.


Front End Drupal is 100% focused on issues of site design, behavior, usability, and management. The authors show how to style Drupal sites, make the most of Drupal’s powerful templating system, build sophisticated community sites, streamline site management, and build more portable, flexible themes. You’ll also gain hands-on experience through several case studies that walk you through the customization of everything from page templates to Web site forums.


  • Prepare and organize content so it’s easier to integrate into Drupal Web sites
  • Structure Drupal page templates that are easy to work with
  • Configure Drupal with the modules and browser tools you need to customize your site
  • Utilize Drupal’s Starter Themes and themes converted from WordPress, Joomla!™, and Drupal 5.x
  • Maximize the power and usability of Drupal’s content editing forms
  • Build usable community sites with user profiles, comments, and user-generated content
  • Use JavaScript™ to make your themes interactive and to enhance usability
  • Create powerful animations and AJAX callbacks with jQuery, Drupal’s JavaScript library


About the Web Site

The accompanying site,, contains all sample code and themes presented in this book.


「對於 Drupal 的成功,我們需要像這本書一樣的資源。」
- Dries Buytaert,Drupal 的創始人和項目負責人

「Drupal 在網絡上面臨一個普遍的問題 - 缺乏新的高質量主題。《Front End Drupal》直接解決了這個問題,旨在幫助有經驗的設計師和新手了解 Drupal 的主題設計原理。事實上,我承認我從這本書中學到了很多。」
- Dries Buytaert,Drupal 的創始人和項目負責人

「實用、全面的指南,教你如何使用行為、主題和模板自定義 Drupal 網站」

Drupal 現在是全球領先的開源內容管理系統:成千上萬的個人和組織正在使用它來建立和更新各種類型的網站。隨著網頁設計師和開發人員採用 Drupal,他們需要快速自定義網站的視覺效果和互動性。Drupal 提供了強大的工具,但對於如何有效使用這些工具卻缺乏指導。《Front End Drupal》就是解決方案。在這本書中,兩位經驗豐富的 Drupal 開發人員將為您介紹一切,讓您了解如何使用 Drupal 的行為、主題和模板來創建出色的視覺設計和最先進的互動性。

《Front End Drupal》完全專注於網站設計、行為、可用性和管理問題。作者們展示了如何為 Drupal 網站設計樣式,充分利用 Drupal 強大的模板系統,建立複雜的社區網站,簡化網站管理,以及建立更具可移植性和靈活性的主題。通過幾個案例研究,您還可以獲得實踐經驗,從頁面模板到網站論壇的自定義。

- 準備和組織內容,使其更容易集成到 Drupal 網站中
- 結構化易於操作的 Drupal 頁面模板
- 使用模組和瀏覽器工具配置 Drupal,以自定義您的網站
- 利用 Drupal 的起始主題和從 WordPress、Joomla!™ 和 Drupal 5.x 轉換的主題
- 最大限度地發揮 Drupal 內容編輯表單的功能和可用性
- 通過用戶配置文件、評論和用戶生成的內容建立可用的社區網站
- 使用 JavaScript™ 使您的主題具有互動性和增強可用性
- 使用 jQuery、Drupal 的 JavaScript 函式庫,創建強大的動畫和 AJAX 回調

附帶的網站 包含本書中介紹的所有示例代碼和主題。