Multilingual Natural Language Processing Applications: From Theory to Practice (美國原版)

Daniel Bikel, Imed Zitouni



Multilingual Natural Language Processing Applications is the first comprehensive single-source guide to building robust and accurate multilingual NLP systems. Edited by two leading experts, it integrates cutting-edge advances with practical solutions drawn from extensive field experience.


Part I introduces the core concepts and theoretical foundations of modern multilingual natural language processing, presenting today’s best practices for understanding word and document structure, analyzing syntax, modeling language, recognizing entailment, and detecting redundancy.


Part II thoroughly addresses the practical considerations associated with building real-world applications, including information extraction, machine translation, information retrieval/search, summarization, question answering, distillation, processing pipelines, and more.


This book contains important new contributions from leading researchers at IBM, Google, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, BBN, CMU, University of Edinburgh, University of Washington, University of North Texas, and others.


Coverage includes

Core NLP problems, and today’s best algorithms for attacking them

  • Processing the diverse morphologies present in the world’s languages
  • Uncovering syntactical structure, parsing semantics, using semantic role labeling, and scoring grammaticality
  • Recognizing inferences, subjectivity, and opinion polarity
  • Managing key algorithmic and design tradeoffs in real-world applications
  • Extracting information via mention detection, coreference resolution, and events
  • Building large-scale systems for machine translation, information retrieval, and summarization
  • Answering complex questions through distillation and other advanced techniques
  • Creating dialog systems that leverage advances in speech recognition, synthesis, and dialog management
  • Constructing common infrastructure for multiple multilingual text processing applications


This book will be invaluable for all engineers, software developers, researchers, and graduate students who want to process large quantities of text in multiple languages, in any environment: government, corporate, or academic.





本書包含了來自IBM、Google、Microsoft、Thomson Reuters、BBN、CMU、愛丁堡大學、華盛頓大學、北德克薩斯大學等領先研究人員的重要新貢獻。

- 核心NLP問題以及攻擊它們的最佳算法
- 處理世界語言中的多樣形態
- 揭示句法結構,解析語義,使用語義角色標註和評分文法性
- 識別推論、主觀性和意見極性
- 在實際應用中管理關鍵算法和設計折衷
- 通過提及檢測、共指解析和事件提取信息
- 構建用於機器翻譯、信息檢索和摘要的大規模系統
- 通過提煉和其他高級技術回答複雜問題
- 利用語音識別、合成和對話管理的進展構建對話系統
- 為多個多語言文本處理應用構建共同基礎設施