The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff (Paperback)

Clara Shih

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2009-03-22
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0137152221
  • ISBN-13: 9780137152223
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“People in all demographics and regions of the world are more connected than ever before to the products, issues, places, and individuals in their lives. This book recognizes that we’ve come to a place where people can represent their real identity--both personal and professional--and use the social filters on the Web to connect with the world around them.”

--Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook


“...A must-read for CEOs and other executives who want to understand Facebook and more importantly take the right actions to stay relevant and stay competitive.”

--David Mather, President, Hoovers, Inc.


The ‘90s were about the World Wide Web of information and the power of linking web pages. Today it’s about the World Wide Web of people and the power of the social graph. Online social networks are fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and interact. They offer businesses immense opportunities to transform customer relationships for profit: opportunities that touch virtually every business function, from sales and marketing to recruiting, collaboration to executive decision-making, product development to innovation. In The Facebook Era, Clara Shih systematically outlines the business promise of social networking and shows how to transform that promise into reality.


Shih is singularly qualified to write this book: One of the world’s top business social networking thought leaders and practitioners, she created the first business application on Facebook and leads’s partnership with Facebook. Through case studies, examples, and a practical how-to guide, Shih helps individuals, companies, and organizations understand and take advantage of social networks to transform customer relationships for sales and marketing. Shih systematically identifies your best opportunities to use social networks to source new business opportunities, target marketing messages, find the best employees, and engage customers as true partners throughout the innovation cycle. Finally, she presents a detailed action plan for positioning your company to win in today’s radically new era: The Facebook Era.


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Right this minute, more than 1.5 million people are on Facebook. They’re interacting with friends--and talking about your brands. They’re learning about your business--and providing valuable information you can use to market and sell. In the Facebook Era, you’re closer to your customers than ever before. Read this book, and then go get them!


Clara Shih offers best practices for overcoming obstacles to success, ranging from privacy and security issues to brand misrepresentation, and previews social networking trends that are just beginning to emerge--helping you get ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition, too. 

  • Includes a practical 60-day action plan for positioning your company to win in the Facebook Era
  • For companies of all sizes, in all industries--and business functions ranging from marketing to operations
  • By Clara Shih, creator of Faceconnector, the first business application on Facebook

Learn how to…

  • Understand how social networking transforms our personal and professional relationships
    Why social networking will have business impact comparable to the Internet
  • Use online social networks to hypertarget your customers
    Hone in on precise audience segments and then tailor custom campaigns with powerful personal and social relevance
  • Define and implement your optimal social networking brand strategy
    Ask the right questions, set the right goals and priorities, and execute on it
  • Implement effective governance and compliance
    Understand and mitigate the risks of social networking/Web 2.0 initiatives



- Sheryl Sandberg,Facebook首席運營官

- David Mather,Hoovers公司總裁

「90年代是關於信息的全球網絡和鏈接網頁的力量。如今,它關乎人們的全球網絡和社交圖的力量。在線社交網絡從根本上改變了我們的生活、工作和互動方式。它們為企業提供了巨大的機會,可以轉變客戶關係以獲利:這些機會幾乎觸及每個業務功能,從銷售和營銷到招聘、協作到高層決策、產品開發到創新。在《Facebook時代》中,Clara Shih系統地概述了社交網絡的商業承諾,並展示了如何將這一承諾變為現實。」





「Clara Shih提供了克服成功障礙的最佳實踐,從隱私和安全問題到品牌誤導,並預覽了剛開始出現的社交網絡趨勢-幫助您提前了解並超越競爭。」

「包括一個實用的60天行動計劃,以使您的公司在Facebook時代取得勝利。適用於各種規模和各行各業的公司,從營銷到運營等業務功能。由Clara Shih撰寫,她是Faceconnector的創建者,也是Facebook上第一個商業應用程序的創建者。」