Data Structures and Software Development in an Object Oriented Domain Java Edition (Hardcover)

Jean-Paul Tremblay, Grant A. Cheston



For one- or two-term Sophomore/Junior level courses in Data Structures and Software Design.

This text provides students with a strong introduction to basic data structures, object-oriented analysis and design, and fundamental software design concepts and principles. The authors begin with the traditional basic data structures and algorithms, with their Java implementation and analysis. Then, employing UML notation, a ten step process is given to design a large software system, including a case study designing a simple bank system. In the remainder of the book, intermediate-level data structures and software design techniques are given.

Table of Contents

1. State of Software Development.
2. Java Basics.
3. Objects and Classes.
4. Arrays and Strings.
5. Array Algorithms and Their Analysis.
6. Abstract Data Types and Their Implementation.
7. List Fundamentals.
8. Advanced List Concepts and the Uos Data Structure Library.
9. Stacks.
10. Recursion.
11. Queues and Priority Queues.
12. Object-Oriented Development: An Example.
13. Trees.
14. Elementary Problem Modeling and System Design.
15. Principles of Software Design.
16. Software Testing.
17. Bags, Sets, and Dictionaries.
18 Sorting.
19. Graphs.
20. Files.
Appendix A. Java Tutorial.
Appendix B. Analysis of Java Data Structures.
Appendix C. Math Primer.