Digital Control Systems (The Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) (Hardcover)

Benjamin C. Kuo






In recent years significant progress has been made in the analysis and design of discrete-data and digital control systems. These systems have gained popularity and importance in industry due in part to the advances made in digital computers for controls and, more recently, in microprocessors and digital signal processors. An introductory text for a senior or graduate course on digital control systems, this text covers the theory and applications of digital control systems, assuming a knowledge of matrix algebra, differential equations, Laplace transforms and the basic principles of continuous-data control systems. Many subjects are new to the Second Edition, most importantly design topics such as disturbance rejection, sensitivity considerations, and zero-ripple deadbeat-response design. In addition, Kuo includes separate discussions on controllability, observability, and stability, expands the discussions of sampling period selection, emphasizes computer-aided solutions, and provides a new and simpler approach to the Nyquist criterion of stability. Each chapter begins with keywords and topics that provide students with an overview of the key topics to be covered. Illustrative examples, many derived from practical systems, are included throughout the text. Numerous exercise problems end each chapter.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Signal Conversion and Processing
3. The z-Transform
4. Transfer Functions, Block Diagrams and Signal Flow Graphs
5. The State Variable Technique
6. Controllability, Observability and Stability
7. Time-Domain and z-Domain Analysis
8. Frequency-Domain Analysis
9. Digital Simulation and Digital Redesign
10. Design of Discrete-Data Systems
11. Optimal Control
12. Micro-processor and DSP Controls
Appendix A. Fixed-Point and Floating-Point Numbers
Appendix B. Mathematical Modeling of Sampling by Convolution Integral
Appendix C. Table of Laplace Transforms, z-Transforms and Modified z-Transforms
Appendix D. General Gain Formula for Signal Flow Graphs
Appendix E. Routh's Tabulation for Stability Analysis
Appendix F. Galil DMC-100 Motion Controller Board