Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future, 4/e (XE)(Paperback)

Stephen Peake


The provision of sustainable energy supplies for an expanding and increasingly productive world is one of the major issues facing civilisation today. Renewable Energy examines both the practical and economic potential of the renewable energy sources to meet this challenge. The underlying physical and technological principles behind deriving power from direct solar (solar thermal and photovoltaics), indirect solar (biomass, hydro, wind and wave) and non-solar (tidal and geothermal) energy sources are explained, within the context of their environmental impacts, their economics and their future prospects.


The only renewable energy text to strike the perfect balance between depth and breadth of knowledge, making it ideal for students seeking an introduction to the subject, whatever their programme of study.

This book provides both perspective and detail on the relative merits and state of progress of technologies for utilizing the various 'renewables'. The analysis considers emissions, sustainability, cost implications and energy security, as political and economic pressures move society towards a low-carbon future.







Table of contents

  1. Introducing Renewable Energy
  2. Thermodynamics and Heat Pumps
  3. Solar Thermal Energy
  4. Solar Photovoltaics
  5. Bioenergy
  6. Hydroelectricity
  7. Tidal Power
  8. Wind Energy
  9. Wave Energy
  10. Geothermal Energy
  11. Integrating Renewable Energy
  12. Renewable Energy Futures




  1. 介紹可再生能源

  2. 熱力學和熱泵

  3. 太陽熱能

  4. 太陽能光伏

  5. 生物能源

  6. 水力發電

  7. 潮汐能

  8. 風能

  9. 波浪能

  10. 地熱能

  11. 可再生能源整合

  12. 可再生能源未來