Inside Java 2 Paltform Security

Li Gong

  • 出版商: Addison Wesley
  • 出版日期: 1999-06-16
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 262
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0201310007
  • ISBN-13: 9780201310009
  • 相關分類: Java 程式語言資訊安全
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"The book is of enormous consequence and potential value. The Java 2 Platform Security represents an advance of major proportions, and the information in this book is captured nowhere else." --Peter G. Neumann, Principal Scientist, SRI International Computer Science Lab, author of Computer-Related Risks, and Moderator of the Risks Forum "Profound! There are a large number of security pearls. I enjoyed and was very impressed by both the depth and breadth of the book." --Stephen Northcutt, Director of Research for Intrusion Detection and Response, SANS Institute Inside the Java 2 Platform Security is the definitive and comprehensive guide to the Java security platform. Written by the Chief Java Security Architect at Sun, it provides a detailed look into the central workings of the Java security architecture and describes security tools and techniques for successful implementation. This book features detailed descriptions of the many enhancements incorporated within the security architecture that underlies the Java 2 platform. It also provides a practical guide to the deployment of Java security, and shows how to customize, extend, and refine the core security architecture. For those new to the topic, the book includes an overview of computer and network security concepts and an explanation of the basic Java security model. You will find detailed discussions on such specific topics as: *The original Java sandbox security model *The new Java 2 Platform permission hierarchy *How Java security supports the secure loading of classes *Java 2 access control mechanisms *Policy configuration *Digital certificates *Security tools, including Key Store and Jar Signer *Secure Java programming techniques *Ways to customize the Java security architecture with new permission types *How to move legacy security code onto the Java 2 Platform In addition, the book discusses techniques for preserving object security--such as signing, sealing, and guarding objects--and outlines the Java cryptography architecture. Throughout, the book points out common mistakes and contains numerous code examples demonstrating the usage of classes and methods. With this complete and authoritative guide, you will gain a deeper understanding into how and why the Java security technology functions as it does, and will be better able to utilize its sophisticated security capabilities in the development of your applications. 0201310007B04062001


這本書具有重大的影響力和潛在價值。《Java 2 平台安全》代表了一個重大的進步,這本書中的信息在其他地方找不到。──彼得·G·紐曼(Peter G. Neumann),SRI國際計算機科學實驗室首席科學家,著有《與計算機相關的風險》一書,並擔任風險論壇的主持人。 「深奧!這本書包含了大量的安全寶石。我對書中的深度和廣度印象深刻。」──史蒂芬·諾斯卡特(Stephen Northcutt),SANS研究部主任,負責入侵檢測和響應領域。 《Java 2 平台安全》是關於Java安全平台的權威且全面的指南。這本書由Sun公司的首席Java安全架構師撰寫,詳細介紹了Java安全架構的核心運作方式,並描述了成功實施安全工具和技術。 本書詳細描述了Java 2平台底層安全架構中所包含的許多增強功能。它還提供了一個實用指南,介紹了Java安全的部署方式,並展示了如何自定義、擴展和完善核心安全架構。對於對這個主題不熟悉的讀者,本書包括了計算機和網絡安全概念的概述,以及基本的Java安全模型的解釋。 本書詳細討論了以下具體主題: *原始的Java沙箱安全模型 *新的Java 2平台權限層次結構 *Java安全如何支持安全加載類 *Java 2訪問控制機制 *策略配置 *數字證書 *安全工具,包括密鑰庫和Jar簽名工具 *安全的Java編程技巧 *使用新的權限類型自定義Java安全架構的方法 *如何將遺留的安全代碼移植到Java 2平台 此外,本書還討論了保護對象安全的技術,如對對象進行簽名、封存和保護,並概述了Java加密架構。全書指出了常見的錯誤,並包含了大量的代碼示例,演示了類和方法的使用。通過這本完整而權威的指南,您將更深入地了解Java安全技術的運作原理,並能夠更好地利用其在應用程序開發中的複雜安全功能。