Internet Email Protocols: A Developer's Guide (Paperback)

Kevin Johnson

  • 出版商: Addison Wesley
  • 出版日期: 2000-01-15
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 512
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0201432889
  • ISBN-13: 9780201432886
  • 相關分類: TCP/IP
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Internet Email Protocols gathers, in one comprehensive and convenient resource, the key technologies that form the underlying mechanics of Internet email. It provides developers and networking professionals with in-depth explanations of essential concepts and a framework for understanding how and why these technologies fit together to provide cohesive email services. This book shows how to troubleshoot and solve email problems, how to evaluate different implementations of the standards and protocols, and how to be better equipped when faced with the challenge of writing programs that process email. For each chapter, the author presents an overview of the material, detailed information, and any important extensions and advanced uses of the protocols being discussed. You will find in-depth descriptions of: *Message formats, covering the structure of message headers, the various fields, and the intricacies of email addresses, as well as a detailed treatment of MIME *Mail transport technology, focusing on the SMTP protocol *The most current versions of the POP and IMAP protocols *The mechanics of filtering email, with an emphasis on applying this knowledge to blocking unsolicited bulk email *The mechanics of mailing list processing, with an emphasis on applying information from earlier chapters *Security details, covering authentication, digital signatures, encryption, and anonymity In addition, the appendices provide example folder formats, a discussion on UNIX folder locking, and an overview of the languages commonly used for email development. The accompanying CD-ROM contains all the RFCs referenced in the book, as well as the source code for several popular email packages, including Sendmail and Procmail. Bringing together information that is scattered among many RFCs, software packages, and lore, this one detailed book is an important resource for anyone developing email applications. 0201432889B04062001


《網際網路電子郵件協議》是一本綜合且方便的資源,收集了構成網際網路電子郵件基礎機制的關鍵技術。它為開發人員和網絡專業人員提供了深入解釋基本概念的說明,並提供了一個框架,以了解這些技術如何以及為什麼相互配合,提供統一的電子郵件服務。本書展示了如何解決和排除郵件問題,如何評估標準和協議的不同實現,以及如何在撰寫處理電子郵件的程式時更具備能力。對於每一章,作者提供了材料的概述、詳細信息以及正在討論的協議的任何重要擴展和高級用法。您將找到以下詳細描述: *消息格式,包括消息標頭的結構、各種字段以及電子郵件地址的細節,以及對MIME的詳細處理 *郵件傳輸技術,重點介紹SMTP協議 *最新版本的POP和IMAP協議 *郵件過濾的機制,重點是如何應用這些知識來阻止垃圾郵件 *郵件列表處理的機制,重點是如何應用前幾章的信息 *安全細節,包括身份驗證、數字簽名、加密和匿名性 此外,附錄提供了示例文件夾格式、UNIX文件夾鎖定的討論以及常用於電子郵件開發的語言概述。隨書附帶的光碟包含了書中引用的所有RFC,以及幾個流行的電子郵件軟件包(包括Sendmail和Procmail)的源代碼。這本詳細的書籍將散落在許多RFC、軟件包和傳說中的信息匯集在一起,是任何開發電子郵件應用程序的重要資源。