Pattern Hatching : Design Patterns Applied

John Vlissides








Software developers now recognize the value of design patterns in helping build better software more efficiently. As a result, design patterns have become extremely popular in the software development community. Pattern Hatching explains and enhances the information from the seminal work in the field, Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. The hands-on approach offered by John Vlissides, co-author of Design Patterns, enables you to better understand the pattern development process, and therefore identify and write your own patterns. The author's insights will further allow you to apply the original 23 patterns by example. Foreword.
1. Introduction.

The Top Ten Misconceptions.

2. Designing with Patterns.


Orphans, Adoption, and Surrogates.
“But Where Do Surrogates Fit into This?”
Visiting Rights.
Visitor Caveats.
Single-User Protection.
Multiuser Protection.
Wrapping Up.

3. Themes and Variations.



To Kill a Singleton.
The Trouble with Observer.
Visitor Revisited.
Generation Gap.
Type Laundering.
Thanks for the Memory Leaks.

4. Labor of Love.
5. Seven Habits of Effective Pattern Writers.



Habit 1: Taking Time to Reflect.
Habit 2: Adhering to a Structure.
Habit 3: Being Concrete Early and Often.
Habit 4: Keeping Patterns Distinct and Complementary.
Habit 5: Presenting Effectively.
Habit 6: Iterating Tirelessly.
Habit 7: Collecting and Incorporating Feedback.
No Silver Bullet.

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