Agile Software Development

Alistair Cockburn



Table of Contents

List of Figures.
List of Stories.

Introduction: Unknowable and Incommunicable.

The Problem with Parsing Experience.
The Impossibility of Communication.
Three Levels of Listening.
So, What Do I Do Tomorrow?

Chapter 1: A Cooperative Game of Invention and Communication.

Software and Poetry.
Software and Games.
A Second Look at the Cooperative Game.
What Should This Mean to Me?

2. Individuals.

Them's Funky People.
Overcoming Failure Modes.
Working Better in Some Ways than Others.
Drawing on Success Modes.
What Should I Do Tomorrow?

3. Communicating, Cooperating Teams.

Convection Currents of Information.
Jumping Communication Gaps.
Teams as Communities.
Teams as Ecosystems.
What Should I Do Tomorrow?

4. Methodologies.

An Ecosystem That Ships Software.
Methodology Concepts.
Methodology Design Principles.
XP under Glass.
Why Methodology at All?
What Should I Do Tomorrow?

5. Agile and Self-Adapting.

Light but Sufficient.
Becoming Self-Adapting.
What Should I Do Tomorrow?

6. The Crystal Methodologies.

Shaping the Crystal Family.
Crystal Clear.
Crystal Orange.
Crystal Orange Web.
What Should I Do Tomorrow?

Appendix A. The Agile Software Development Manifesto.

The Agile Alliance.
The Manifesto.
Supporting the Values.

Appendix B. Naur, Ehn, Musashi.

Peter Naur, Programming as Theory Building.
Pelle Ehn, Wittgenstein's Language Games.

Appendix C. Books and References.