The Jiro Technology Programmer's Guide and Federated Management Architecture (Paperback)

Paul Monday, William Connor

  • 出版商: Addison-Wesley
  • 出版日期: 2001-06-04
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 464
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0201728974
  • ISBN-13: 9780201728972

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This programmer's guide is the authoritative reference to Sun Microsystems' revolutionary Jiro™ technology that is bringing higher levels of interoperability and adaptability to network and storage management applications. Complete with the formal specification of the Federated Management Architecture (FMA), this comprehensive resource provides immediate solutions for managing distributed environments while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

Authored by Jiro experts (including the specification's lead architect at Sun), The Jiro™ Technology Programmer's Guide and Federated Management Architecture documents every facet of the specification with complete authority. Coverage spans from managing solution architectures (including the FMA) and storage networks to network programming and working with Jini¿. Complete with detailed instructions, this comprehensive sourcebook provides the tools, tips, and techniques needed to immediately simplify the process of building enterprise management applications.

The key components of Jiro technology are explained, including:

  • How Jiro is used in a complex management domain
  • Network programming with Jiro
  • An overview of Jini technology detailing which components are required knowledge for programming with the Jiro technology
  • Internationalization and localization issues with Jiro
  • Jiro static services, which include the Log Service, Scheduling Service, Event Service, and Transaction Service
  • How to construct FederatedBeans™ for deployment into a dynamic resource management environment
  • Patterns and information for building complex dynamic services


Table of Contents


1. The Jiro Technology and the Federated Management Architecture.

Management Solution Architecture.
The Federated Management Architecture.

2. Storage Networks.

Storage Hardware.
Disk Devices.

Tape Devices.
Storage Networking Hardware.
Storage Attachment.
Direct Attach Storage.

Network Attach Storage.
Storage Area Networks.
Storage Software.

Hierarchical Storage Management.
Operating System Software.
Storage Resource Management Applications.
Management Techniques.
Network Data Management Protocol.

Simple Network Management Protocol.
Web Based Enterprise Management.
Assembling a Storage Network.
Inside the Federated Management Architecture.
The Java Programming Language.

The Jini Platform.
The Federated Management Architecture and Jiro.

3. Management Solution Architecture.

Management Facades.
Management Policies.
Jiro Management Domains.
Shared Management Servers.

Private Management Servers.

4. Network Programming with Jiro.

Extended Remote Method Invocation.
Creating Proxies Using Jiro.

Calling Methods Against the Station Instead of the Proxy.
Packaging Components for Distribution and Installation.
Proxy Usage.
Network Class Loading.

5. A Jini Primer.

An Overview of Jini.
The Jini Service Registrar (Lookup Service).
Jini Groups and Federations.

The Discovery Protocol.
The Join Protocol.
Locating a Service Offered in a Jini Lookup Service.
The Landlord/Lease Paradigm.

6. Internationalization and Localization.

Jiro's LocalizableMessage Class.
The LocalizableMessage Interface and Usage.

LocalizableMessage Examples.
LocalizableMessages During Prototyping and Debug.

7. The Jiro Station and Static Services.

Station Behaviors.
Automatic Registration with Jini Lookup Service. Object Per@AHEADS = sistence.

Restarting a Jiro Station.
The Static Services.
Deployment and Access to the Static Services.
The Context and Logical Threads.
Aspects and Logical Thread Synchronization.

8. The Log Service.

Locating the Log Service.
Using the Log Service.
Organization of Logged Messages.

Posting a Message to the Log Service.
Querying the Log Service.
Removing Messages from the Log Service.
Additional Administrative Interfaces for Logging.
Jiro Log Utilities.

9. The Scheduling Service.

Locating the Scheduling Service.
Using the Scheduling Service.
Creating a Schedule.

Scheduling the Task.
Canceling, Changing, and Pausing the Scheduled Occurrence.

10. The Event Service.

Locating the Event Service.
Using the Event Service.
Event Topics.

Posting an Event to the Event Service.
Listening for Events from the Event Service.

11. The Transaction Service.

Method Exclusion Groups.
Locating the Transaction Service.
Implementing the Server-Side Object.
Modifying the Server Class Interface and Implementation.

Adding Transaction Synchronization Aspects.
Transactions from a Client.
Starting an Explicit Transaction.

Lock Failures and Aborted Transactions.

12. The Controller Service.

Locating the Controller Service.
Controller Locking.
Making an Object a Controller.

Synchronizing Methods with Respect to Controllers.
Controller Usage.

13. Dynamic Service Design.

Service Administration versus Functional Implementation.
Design Patterns.

Implementation of Existing Management Facade.
Complex Dynamic Services.

14. Management Facade Design.

General Guidelines for Management Facades.
Control the Device and Not the Data.

Limit the Scope of the Interface to the Management Control Points.
Synchronize Access to Your Object Only When Necessary.
Limit Dependencies on Other Management Facades.
Do Not Have Dependencies on Higher-Level Components.
Provide Cached Data via a Single Method Call.
Use Standardized Interfaces.
Provide an Administrative User Interface.
Representing Managed Resources.
Representing WBEM Managed Elements as Management Facades.

15. Management Policy Design.

General Guidelines for Management Policies.
Determine the Policy's Sphere of Influence.

Determine the Policy-Triggering Mechanism.
Publish Your Interface and Behavior.
How WBEM and CIM Affect Management Policies.
Automating Creation of Management Facades.

Derivation of Policy Rules and Information.

16. A Continuing Evaluation.

Advancement of CIM and WBEM Architectures.
Java Technology Updates.
Jini Technology Updates.

Appendix: The Federated Management Architecture Specification.