C# Primer: A Practical Approach

Stanley B. Lippman

  • 出版商: Addison Wesley
  • 出版日期: 2001-03-20
  • 售價: $713
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 416
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0201729555
  • ISBN-13: 9780201729559
  • 相關分類: C#
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Now Stan Lippman brings you C# using his famed primer format. C# PRIMER is a comprehensive, example-driven introduction to this new object-oriented programming language.

First, the student will tour the language, looking at built-in features such as the class mechanism, class inheritance, and interface inheritance--all while building small programs. Next, the student will explore the various library domains supported within the .NET class framework while learning how to use the language and class framework to solve problems and build quality programs. Stan Lippman includes coverage of fundamentals such as namespaces, exception handling, and unified type system. He presents a wide-ranging tour of the .NET class library, introducing ADO.NET and establishing database connections and the use of XML. He provides XML programming using the firehose and DOM parser models, XSLT, XPATH, and schemas. He also focuses on ASP.NET Web Form Designer, walking through the page life-cycle and caching, and providing a large number of examples. C# PRIMER provides a solid foundation to build upon and a refreshingly unbiased voice on Microsoft's vehicle to effective and efficient Web-based programming.

Table of Contents

1. Hello, C<35>.
2. Class Design.
3. Object-Oriented Programming.
4. Interface Inheritance.
5. Exploring the System Namespace.
6. Windows Forms Designer.
7. ASP.NET and Web Forms Designer.
8. The Common Language Runtime.


現在Stan Lippman以他著名的入門格式帶給你C#。《C# PRIMER》是一本全面的、以例子為驅動的介紹這個新的物件導向程式語言的書籍。

首先,學生將會遊覽這個語言,觀察內建功能,如類別機制、類別繼承和介面繼承,同時建立小型程式。接下來,學生將會探索在.NET類別框架中支援的各種程式庫領域,同時學習如何使用語言和類別框架來解決問題並建立優質程式。Stan Lippman包含了命名空間、例外處理和統一型別系統等基礎知識。他提供了對.NET類別庫的廣泛介紹,介紹了ADO.NET並建立資料庫連接和使用XML。他使用firehose和DOM解析器模型、XSLT、XPATH和架構來進行XML程式設計。他還專注於ASP.NET Web表單設計師,通過頁面生命週期和快取,並提供大量的範例。《C# PRIMER》為建立基礎提供了堅實的基礎,並以一個清新客觀的聲音談論微軟的有效和高效的基於Web的程式設計。

1. Hello, C#。
2. 類別設計。
3. 物件導向程式設計。
4. 介面繼承。
5. 探索System命名空間。
6. Windows Forms設計師。
7. ASP.NET和Web表單設計師。
8. 公共語言執行環境。