Shaping Web Usability: Interaction Design in Context

Albert N. Badre

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Offering a structured approach to Web usability, Shaping Web Usability describes several contexts in which each site must be viewed, from the genre to which it belongs to the individual page. The book then provides a concrete methodology for designing a site effectively for the convenience, practicality, and pleasure of its users. Numerous real-world examples illustrate the book's concepts, techniques, and guidelines.

Table of Contents

1. Human Computer Interaction for the Web.
2. Web Usability Strategy.
3. The Web Environment.
4. The Web User, Part 1: The Audience.
5. The Web User, Part 2: Older Adults.
6. Designing for Web Genres.
7. The Web Site.
8. The Web Page.
9. The Aesthetic Factor.
10. From Desktops to Handhelds.
11. The Cultural Context.
12. Evaluating Web Usability.