Executable UML: A Foundation for Model Driven Architecture

Stephen J. Mellor, Marc J. Balcer

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  • 出版日期: 2002-05-14
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  • ISBN-13: 9780201748048
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Using Executable UML (xUML), developers can build UML models that can not only be unambiguously interpreted by human readers, but can be tested and validated through actual execution, and ultimately translated directly and completely to target code. While xUML technology is still young, it offers immense potential for accelerating development projects, enhancing reliability, and reducing cost. In this book, two of the field's leading experts introduce every facet of xUML: the UML extensions it utilizes, its advanced code generation and translation techniques; testing, deployment, and more.KEY TOPICS:The authors introduce Executable UML's goals, premises, and features; then drill down to explain its key elements. Along the way, readers will discover exactly how to use xUML to create software systems that can be tested even before they are coded, enabling far greater reliability at significantly lower expense.MARKET:For all developers, analysts, and project managers seeking to improve software reliability, time-to-market, and value. This book will be especially valuable to real-time programmers, and to thousands of programmers who have used Shlaer-Mellor methodologies.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Using Executable UML.
3. Domains and Bridges.
4. Use Cases.
5. Classes and Attributes.
6. Relationships and Associations.
7. Class Actions.
8. Constraints.
9. Lifecycles.
10. Communicating Objects.
11. Synchronizing Objects.
12. Using Lifecycles.
13. Relationship Dynamics.
14. Domain Dynamics.
15. Domain Verification.
16. Model Management.
17. Joining Multiple Domains.
18. Model Compilers.
Appendix A. Glossary.
Appendix B. Case Study.


使用可執行的 UML (xUML),開發人員可以建立 UML 模型,這些模型不僅可以被人類讀者明確解讀,還可以通過實際執行進行測試和驗證,最終直接完整地轉換為目標代碼。雖然 xUML 技術仍然年輕,但它具有加快開發項目、提高可靠性和降低成本的巨大潛力。在本書中,兩位領域的領先專家介紹了 xUML 的每個方面:它所使用的 UML 擴展、其先進的代碼生成和轉換技術;測試、部署等等。

作者介紹了可執行 UML 的目標、前提和特點,然後深入解釋了其關鍵元素。在此過程中,讀者將了解如何使用 xUML 創建可以在編碼之前進行測試的軟件系統,從而在顯著降低成本的同時實現更高的可靠性。

對於所有希望提高軟件可靠性、上市時間和價值的開發人員、分析師和項目經理,本書將特別有價值。這本書對於實時程序員和成千上萬使用 Shlaer-Mellor 方法論的程序員尤其有價值。

1. 簡介。
2. 使用可執行的 UML。
3. 領域和橋樑。
4. 用例。
5. 類和屬性。
6. 關係和關聯。
7. 類動作。
8. 約束。
9. 生命週期。
10. 對象通信。
11. 對象同步。
12. 使用生命週期。
13. 關係動態。
14. 領域動態。
15. 領域驗證。
16. 模型管理。
17. 合併多個領域。
18. 模型編譯器。
附錄 A.詞彙表。
附錄 B.案例研究。