Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced Topics (Paperback)

Sun Microsystems Inc.

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Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines Advanced Topics provides advanced design guidelines for user interfaces based on the Java Foundation Classes (JFC) with the Java look and feel. This book augments the award-winning Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines, 2nd ed.

Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines, Advanced Topics describes how to:

  • Choose the right type of window for each user task
  • Organize menus logically, especially in applications with multiple windows
  • Enable users to view, search, and work with large sets of objects
  • Make your application easier to learn by reusing patterns of JFC components
  • Make your application seem faster to users even when you cannot increase its actual speed
  • Design wizards that are efficient for new and experienced users
  • Display alarms in applications that manage or monitor systems, such as networks or large computer systems

Created by a team of user interface experts at Sun Microsystems, Inc., this timely book provides many useful guidelines for improving consistency and efficiency in applications that use the Java look and feel. By following these guidelines, you can create user interfaces with the flexibility, usability, and efficiency you need.

Table of Contents



1. Introduction.
2. Windows.
3. Menus.
4. Behavior.
5. Idioms.
6. Responsiveness.


7. Wizards.
8. Events and Alarms.