Performance Analysis for Java Websites

Stacy Joines, Ruth Willenborg, Ken Hygh




Web sites based on Java application servers have unique performance challenges. Now, three of IBM's leading experts present the first systematic guide to measuring, analyzing, and improving the performance of Java-based Web sites and applications. Drawing on their consulting experience with hundreds of sites, the authors identify common performance issues that arise in a wide range of e-commerce, B2B and financial applications, and present solutions.KEY TOPICS:Coverage includes: designing accurate, effective performance tests tailored to your site's content and usage patterns; analyzing the data you collect; identifying performance solutions to Java-specific challenges such as garbage collection, threading, and heap management; and more. Performance Analysis for Java Websites also includes guidance for measuring and enhancing the performance of both Java-based handheld/wireless applications and sites built with Enterprise JavaBeans. The book includes a practical, easy-to-use symptom reference for isolating and resolving a wide range of bottlenecks.MARKET:For anyone concerned with the performance of a Web site utilizing Java technology, including Web administrators and developers, ISP professionals, performance testers, and Web quality assessment specialists.

Table of Contents

1. Basic Performance Lingo.
2. Java Application Server Performance.
3. The Performance Roles of Key Web Site Components.
4. Java Specifics.
5. Performance Profiles of Common Web Sites.
6. Developing a Performance Test Plan.
7. Test Scripts.
8. Selecting the Right Test Tools.
9. Test Environment Construction and Tuning.
10. Case Study: Preparing to Test.
11. Executing a Successful Test.
12. Collecting Useful Data.
13. Common Bottleneck Symptoms.
14. Case Study: During the Test.
15. Capacity Planning and Site Growth.
Appendix A. Planning Worksheets.
Appendix B. Pre-Test Checklists.
Appendix C. Test Tools.
Appendix D. Performance Test Checklists and Worksheets.