Producing for TV and Video: A Real-World Approach (Paperback)

Cathrine Kellison

  • 出版商: Focal Press
  • 出版日期: 2005-09-30
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 280
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0240806239
  • ISBN-13: 9780240806235
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Producing for TV and Video is a must-read for anyone interested in a career in TV production. This comprehensive book explains the role of the TV producer in detail, including in-depth descriptions of a producer's day-to-day duties and tasks and a big picture overview of the production process in general and how the producer fits in. Complete with interviews and insights from production professionals in all areas of television, such as reality television and children's programming, Producing for TV and Video will provide you with an understanding of the TV production process and the role of the TV producer from beginning to end. The accompanying CD contains forms that you will inevitably need during your production.


Table of Contents:

Preface; Introduction; PART I - 1 What Does a TV Producer Really Do?;I. The TV Producer’s Domain; II. Defining a TV Producer; A. Who Makes a Good Producer?; III. The TV Producer’s Roles; IV. Titles and Job Descriptions of TV Producers; V. The Need for People Skills; VI. Summary; VII. Chapter Review Questions; 2 TV: Past, Present — and Future; I. Television is a Unique Medium; II. How TV Works; III. The Impact of Human Vision on TV; IV. The Creators of Television; V. Television’s Evolution; VI. Television’s Transitions — From the 1920s to the Present; VII. Summary; VIII. Chapter Review Questions; 3 Script and Project Development: The Big Idea; I. Think It; II. Write It; II. Develop It; IV. Summary; V. Chapter Review Questions; 4 Breakdowns, Budgets, and Finance: Connecting the Dots; I. Break the Idea Down; II. Budget the Idea; III. Find the Financing; IV. Summary; V. Chapter Review Questions; 5 Legalities and Rights: Welcome to Reality; I. Own It; II. If You Don’t Own It, Get Permission to Use It ; III. Protect It; IV. Double-Check It; V. Summary; VI. Chapter Review Questions; 6 Pitching and Selling the Project; I. Pitching and Selling: The Big Picture of Television ; II. Research your Pitch; III. Create the Pitc; V. Keep Pitching; VI. Summary; VII. Chapter Review Questions; 7 Pre-Production: The Plan; I. The Script; II. The Talent; III. The Crew; IV. Scheduling the Shoot; V. Summary; VI. Chapter Review Questions; 8 Production: The Shoot; I. The Producer’s Role; II. On Set and On Location; III. The Camera; IV. Lighting; V. Audio; VI. The Actual Shoot; VII. Summary; VIII. Chapter Review Questions; 9 Post-Production: The Final Product; I. The Producer’s Role; II. The Editor’s Role; III. The Sound Designer’s Role; IV. Delivering the Final Product; V. Summary; VI. Chapter Review Questions; 10 It’s a Wrap! Then, Next Steps; I. It’s a Wrap!; II. Professional Next Steps; III. Festivals; IV. Grants; V. Publicity; VI. Starting Your Own Production Company; VII. Summary; VIII. Chapter Review Questions; PART I I; 11 Producing in the Real-World: Conversations with the Pros; I. Chapter Review Questions; Glossary; Resources by Chapter






前言;引言;第一部分 - 1 電視製作人到底做什麼?;I. 電視製作人的領域; II. 定義電視製作人; A. 誰是一個好的製作人?; III. 電視製作人的角色; IV. 電視製作人的職稱和工作描述; V. 人際關係技巧的需求; VI. 概述; VII. 章節回顧問題; 2 電視:過去、現在和未來; I. 電視是一個獨特的媒介; II. 電視的運作方式; III. 人類視覺對電視的影響; IV. 電視的創造者; V. 電視的演變; VI. 電視的轉變 - 從20世紀20年代到現在; VII. 概述; VIII. 章節回顧問題; 3 劇本和項目開發:大點子; I. 思考; II. 寫作; II. 開發; IV. 概述; V. 章節回顧問題; 4 分解、預算和財務:連接點; I. 分解點子; II. 預算點子; III. 尋找資金; IV. 概述; V. 章節回顧問題; 5 法律和權利:歡迎來到現實; I. 擁有它; II. 如果你不擁有它,獲得使用許可; III. 保護它; IV. 再次檢查; V. 概述; VI. 章節回顧問題; 6 推銷和銷售項目; I. 推銷和銷售:電視的大局; II. 研究你的推銷; III. 創建推銷; V. 不斷推銷; VI. 概述; VII. 章節回顧問題; 7 預製作:計劃; I. 劇本; II. 演員; III. 工作人員; IV. 安排拍攝; V. 概述; VI. 章節回顧問題; 8 製作:拍攝; I. 製作人的角色; II. 在現場和外景; III. 攝影機; IV. 燈光; V. 音頻; VI. 實際拍攝; VII. 概述; VIII. 章節回顧問題; 9 後製作:最終產品; I. 製作人的角色; II. 編輯的角色; III. 音效設計師的角色; IV. 交付最終產品; V. 概述; VI. 章節回顧問題; 10 結束!然後,下一步; I. 結束!; II. 專業的下一步; III. 节日; IV. 補助金; V. 宣傳; VI. 創立自己的製作公司; VII. 概述; VIII. 章節回顧問題; 第二部分; 11 在現實世界中製作:與專業人士的對話; I. 章節回顧問題; 附錄; 各章資源