Digital Collage and Painting: Using Photoshop and Painter to Create Fine Art (Paperback)

Susan Ruddick Bloom

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  • 出版日期: 2006-06-16
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  • 語言: 英文
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Digital Collage and Painting proudly showcases the work of twenty-one talented digital artists. Each artist walks you through the creation of a piece of their art and lets you in on their secrets about equipment, software, favorite papers, and how their creative process begins. The artists included are:

Audrey Bernstein
Paul Biddle
Leslye Bloom
Stephen Burns
Luzette Donohue
Katrin Eismann
Paul Elson
Steven Friedman
Ileana Frómeta Grillo
Bill Hall
Julieanne Kost
Rick Lieder
Bobbi Doyle-Maher
Ciro Marchetti
Lou Oates
Cher Threinen-Pendarvis
James G. Respess
Fay Sirkis
Jeremy Sutton
Maggie Taylor
Pep Ventosa


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I Planning & Inspiration

Chapter One:

What is a collage, montage, assemblage?
What is a digital painting?
Thinking it out first, assembling the needed images
What is the intended output size?

Chapter Two:

Important Considerations Before you Begin
Unifying Factors:
Noise and Grain

Tree House Exercise
Gigantic to miniscule – what’s your choice?
Scaling, rotating, distorting and transforming

Directionality of Light
Quality of Light
Dramatic vs. Subtle

Chapter Three:

Digital Artists and their work:
Paul Biddle
Julieanne Kost
Maggie Taylor
Lou Oates
Katrin Eismann
Stephen Burns
James G. Respess
Bobbi Doyle-Maher
Cher Threinen- Pendarvis
Ciro Marchetti
Leslye Bloom
Luzette Donohue
Ileana Frometa Grillo
Fay Sirkis
Jeremy Sutton
Paul Elson
Bill Hall
Steven Friedman
Audrey Bernstein
Rick Lieder
Pep Ventosa

Part II Step-by-Step Painting

Chapter Four:

Painting in Photoshop with your photos

Photoshop Filters and the History Brush used to create a digital painting
The Art History Brush used to create a Digital Painting
The Pattern Stamp used to create a Digital Painting
Combining the Art History Brush & Emboss Filter to create a Textured Digital Painting
Photo Illustration Using Find Edges Filter
Hand Color a Black and White Photo
Edge Effects for Free

Chapter Five:

Painting in Painter
Simple Cloning Techniques
Impressionist Cloning
Pastel Cloning
Oil Paint Cloning
More Oil Painting
Bristle Oil Cloning
Combining a Variety of different media into one painting
Adding Texture to your Painting
Old Masters Inspiration
More Examples
Photo Illustration
Photocopy Inspired Painting
Edges and Cloning
Painterly Edge Effects
Painting for the Artistically Challenged

Part III Step-by-Step Collaging

Chapter Six:

Assembling a Collage in Photoshop
Simple Collages
Collage with Lighting Effect
Suspend Reality
Pile on the Layers
Shadow Power
Gridded Collages

Chapter Seven:

Assembling a Collage in Painter
Using the Image Hose
Using Colored Paper and the Brush Creator
Using Painter’s unique brushes For Texture in a Collage
Combining the Power of Painter and Photoshop in Collage

Chapter Eight:

The Paradox: The Absolute Truth and the Exquisite Lie – Creating a Panorama in Photoshop
Basic instructions on taking photographs that will work for you to make that BIG image ( exposure controls, proper overlap, tripod or not?)
Relying on layer transparency and layer masking
Step-by-step instructions to make a flawless panoramic using collaging techniques.
Grab Shot Panorama
Themed Panorama-Style linear images
Hurry-up Panoramas – Using Photoshop’s Photomerge
Fractured Panoramas

Part IV Artistic Considerations

Chapter Nine:

Using all the great filters available in Photoshop
Favorite Filters:
Find Edges,
Isolate and Blur
Motion Blur
Creating a Black and White Pencil Sketch, using Filters
Similar effects in Photoshop and Painter (Cut-Out and Woodcut)
Third Party Filter plug-ins
Nik Color Efex Pro Filters
Classical SoftF ocus, Monday Morning Sepia, Paper Toner, Foliage Filter, Polarizer, Blue Gradient, Black and White Tonal Enhancer, Indian Summer Filter, Infrared, Duplex Monochrome
Applying Filters Selectively
Auto FX Filters
Dream Suite: Deckle, Photo Depth, Cubism, Crease, Mesh,
Mystical Lighting: Mist, Wispy Mist
Photographic Edges : Acid Edge, Burn

Chapter Ten:

Traditional Printmaking Processes
Printmaking and Digital Combined
Digital Images transferred to other materials: Marble, Tile, Fabric
InkAid – Making your own inkjet paper,
Japanese Inkjet Coated Papers
Thinking creatively: Paint it, draw on it, tear it, weave it,glue it and more...
Creative Use of Papers for Books, Portfolios and Albums

Chapter Eleven:

Projects For you:
Projects to test your skills. Fun assignments that tie in with the skills learned in this book. Collage & Painting Website contains images used in the tutorials and examples.
Test your new skills with these images
Project 1 - A Structured Collage Using a Grid Project 2 - A Collage achieved with Layer Masks and Transparency
Project 3 - A Panoramic assembled in Photoshop A Painting in Photoshop
Project 4 - A Painting in Photoshop
Project 5 - A Painting in Painter

Part V Reference

Chapter Twelve:

Essential Photoshop & Painter Techniques to master:

Selection Tools
Transforming for scale
Adjustment Layers
Layer Masks
Art History Brush
Blending Modes
Blending modes, Layer Adjustments and Layer Masks used together
Editing your images: Retouching, brightening teeth & eyes, cover-girl skin
Painter Basic Papers
Cloning Brushes
Cloning without a Cloning Brush

Chapter Thirteen:

Web sites
Sources for materials
Accompanying WebSite contains images used in the tutorials and examples