3D Game Textures : Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop, 2/e (Paperback)

Luke Ahearn



Finally the eagerly-awaited next edition of Luke Ahearn's cornerstone game art book: 3D Game Textures is on its way. The book will be refreshed per the latest revision of Photoshop and the latest game industry trends and developments. 3D Game Textures allows next-gen game artists to learn to create everything from bricks to books in Photoshop with this step-by-step instructional guide. Because texture is 99% of what a gamer sees when playing, this topic deserves considerable coverage but has gotten little attention. Unlike anything on the market, this book concentrates soley on texturing, and provides an in-depth guide to game texturing with hundreds of high-quality examples. Game artists learn all they need to know on the topic, including basic artistic principles, tools and techniques, and specific step-by-step tutorials that explain how to create textures for myriad environments.

New Coverage of the latest version of Photoshop, including adding multiple edge tiling; adding Photoshop Bridge coverage;  an updated metal tutorial and adding coverage of urban exteriors. Included in the second edition is a new chapter and an advanced project, featureing a large outdoor urban area - war torn city. Great amount of work on detailed textures (overlays and advanced blending in PS) that utilize many shaders. This environment will look roughly like Battlefield 2 or more recently Call of Duty 4. The scene will include effects as well - smoke and bullet holes. Grass, trees, curtains, signs, and more.  The DVD includes: demo versions of relevant software as well as resource images.

* Learn everything you need to create stunning, professional textures from one easy to follow guide which features tutorials and over 500 high-quality images
* Follow the step-by-step tutorials to learn how to create suitable images which you can add to your portfolio and WOW prospective employers
* Companion CD includes sample textures, Photoshop actions and brushes, and electronic versions of images you saw in the book - all the tools you need in one place!
* Hit the ground running or get a leg up on the competition with the tips, tricks, and real world examples featured in this comprehensive guide


終於,Luke Ahearn 的重要遊戲美術書籍《3D遊戲紋理》的期待下一版即將問世。這本書將根據最新版本的Photoshop和最新的遊戲行業趨勢和發展進行更新。《3D遊戲紋理》讓下一代遊戲美術師能夠透過這本逐步指導的手冊,在Photoshop中學習如何創建從磚塊到書籍等各種東西的紋理。因為紋理佔遊戲玩家遊玩時所見的99%,所以這個主題值得大量關注,但卻得到了很少的關注。這本書與市場上的其他書籍不同,它專注於紋理,並提供了深入的遊戲紋理指南,其中包含數百個高質量的示例。遊戲美術師將學習有關這個主題的所有知識,包括基本的藝術原則、工具和技巧,以及具體的逐步教程,解釋如何為各種環境創建紋理。

新版本的Photoshop的最新報導,包括添加多個邊緣平鋪;添加Photoshop Bridge報導;更新的金屬教程和城市外觀報導。第二版中新增了一個新章節和一個高級項目,展示了一個大型的戰爭城市戶外區域。詳細紋理的大量工作(在PS中的覆蓋和高級混合)使用了許多著色器。這個環境的外觀將大致類似於《戰地風雲2》或最近的《決勝時刻4》。場景還將包括效果-煙霧和彈孔,還有草地、樹木、窗簾、標誌等等。DVD包括:相關軟件的演示版本以及資源圖像。

* 從這本易於遵循的指南中學習創建令人驚嘆的專業紋理所需的一切,其中包括教程和超過500張高質量圖像
* 跟隨逐步教程學習如何創建適合的圖像,並將其添加到您的作品集中,給潛在雇主留下深刻印象
* 附帶的CD包括示例紋理、Photoshop動作和筆刷,以及您在書中看到的圖像的電子版本-所有您需要的工具都在一個地方!
* 通過這本全面指南中提供的技巧、訣竅和現實世界示例,快速上手或在競爭中占據優勢