HCI Remixed: Reflections on Works That Have Influenced the HCI Community

Thomas Erickson, David W. McDonald


Over almost three decades, the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) has produced a rich and varied literature. Although the focus of attention today is naturally on new work, older contributions that played a role in shaping the trajectory and character of the field have much to tell us. The contributors to HCI Remixed were asked to reflect on a single work at least ten years old that influenced their approach to HCI. The result is this collection of fifty-one short, engaging, and idiosyncratic essays, reflections on a range of works in a variety of forms that chart the emergence of a new field.

An article, a demo, a book: any of these can solve a problem, demonstrate the usefulness of a new method, or prompt a shift in perspective. HCI Remixed offers us glimpses of how this comes about. The contributors consider such HCI classics as Sutherland's Sketchpad, Englebart's demo of NLS, and Fitts on Fitts' Law—and such forgotten gems as Pulfer's NRC Music Machine, and Galloway and Rabinowitz's Hole in Space. Others reflect on works somewhere in between classic and forgotten—Kidd's "The Marks Are on the Knowledge Worker," King Beach's "Becoming a Bartender," and others. Some contributors turn to works in neighboring disciplines—Henry Dreyfuss's book on industrial design, for example—and some range farther afield, to Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis and Jane Jacobs's The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Taken together, the essays offer an accessible, lively, and engaging introduction to HCI research that reflects the diversity of the field's beginnings.


在近三十年的時間裡,人機互動(HCI)領域產生了豐富而多樣的文獻。雖然現在的關注點自然是新的研究成果,但那些在塑造該領域軌跡和特點方面起到作用的舊有貢獻仍然有很多值得我們借鑒的地方。《HCI Remixed》的貢獻者被要求回顧一篇至少十年前的作品,該作品對他們對HCI的方法有所影響。結果就是這本包含了五十一篇短小、引人入勝且獨特的文章,反思了各種形式的作品,描繪了一個新領域的出現。

一篇文章、一個演示、一本書:這些都可以解決問題,展示新方法的有用性,或者引發觀點轉變。《HCI Remixed》讓我們一窺這些過程。貢獻者們考慮了一些HCI的經典作品,如蘇瑟蘭的Sketchpad、恩格爾巴特的NLS演示和菲茨的Fitts定律,以及一些被遺忘的寶藏,如普爾弗的NRC音樂機器和加洛韋和拉比諾維茨的空間之洞。其他人則反思了一些介於經典和被遺忘之間的作品,如基德的《標記在知識工作者身上》、金·比奇的《成為一名調酒師》等。一些貢獻者轉向鄰近學科的作品,例如亨利·德雷福斯關於工業設計的書籍,還有一些更遠的作品,如洛夫洛克的蓋亞假說和珍·雅各布斯的《偉大美國城市的死與生》。綜合起來,這些文章為我們提供了一個易於理解、生動有趣的HCI研究入門,反映了該領域起步時的多樣性。