Molecular Computing (Hardcover)

Tanya Sienko, Andrew Adamatzky, Nicholas Rambidi

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  • 出版日期: 2003-08-29
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0262194872
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The next great change in computer science and information technology will come from mimicking the techniques by which biological organisms process information. To do this computer scientists must draw on expertise in subjects not usually associated with their field, including organic chemistry, molecular biology, bioengineering, and smart materials. This book provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of molecular computing.

The book moves from abstract principles of molecular computing to the building of actual systems. The topics include the use of proteins and other molecules for information-processing, molecular recognition, computation in nonlinear media, computers based on physical reaction-diffusion systems found in chemical media, DNA computing, bioelectronics and protein-based optical computing, and biosensors.

Tanya Sienko is Chief Operating Officer of Paranoid Capital Management LLC.

Andrew Adamatzky is Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Nicholas G. Rambidi is Professor of Physics at Moscow State University.

The late Michael Conrad was Professor of Computer Science at Wayne State University.


Table of Contents:

In Memoriam
Nicholas G. Rambidi
Introduction: What Is Molecular Computing? xi
1 Conformation-Based Computing: A Rationale and a Recipe
Michael Conrad and Klaus-Peter Zauner
2 Molecular Recognition: Storage and Processing of Molecular Information
Tanya Sienko and Jean-Marie Lehn
3 Computing in Reaction-Diffusion and Excitable Media: Case Studies of Unconventional Processors
Andrew Adamatzky
4 Chemical-Based Computing and Problems of High Computational Complexity: The Reaction-Diffusion Paradigm
Nicholas G. Rambidi
5 DNA Computing and Its Frontiers
Carlo C. Maley
6 Bioelectronics and Protein-Based Optical Memories and Processors
Duane L. Marcy, Bryan W. Vought and Robert R. Birge
7 Bioelectronics and Biocomputers
Satoshi Sasaki and Isao Karube
Contributors 249
Index 251




Tanya Sienko是Paranoid Capital Management LLC的首席運營官。

Andrew Adamatzky是英格蘭西部大學計算、工程和數學科學學院的高級研究員。

Nicholas G. Rambidi是莫斯科國立大學物理學教授。

已故的Michael Conrad是韋恩州立大學計算機科學教授。


In Memoriam - Nicholas G. Rambidi


1. 基於構象的計算:原理和方法 - Michael Conrad和Klaus-Peter Zauner

2. 分子識別:分子信息的存儲和處理 - Tanya Sienko和Jean-Marie Lehn

3. 反應擴散和可興奮媒介中的計算:非傳統處理器的案例研究 - Andrew Adamatzky