Eloquent Images: Word and Image in the Age of New Media

Mary E. Hocks, Michelle R. Kendrick

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The emergence of New Media has stimulated debate about the power of the visual to dethrone the cultural prominence of textuality and print. Some scholars celebrate the proliferation of digital images, arguing that it suggests a return to a pictorial age when knowledge was communicated through images as well as through words. Others argue that the inherent conflict between texts and images creates a battleground between the feminized, seductive power of images and the masculine rationality of the printed word. Eloquent Images suggests that these debates misunderstand the dynamic interplay that has always existed between word and image.

Arguing that the complex relationship between text and image in New Media does not represent a radical rupture from the past, the book examines rhetorical and cultural uses of word and image both historically and currently. It shows that complex, interpenetrating relationships between verbal and visual communication systems were already evident in hieroglyphic writing and in ancient rhetoric and persist in the work of classical rhetoricians, in cultural studies of technology, even in the binary code distinctions of digital environments. The essays blend theory, critique, and design practice to explore the often contradictory relations of word and image. All of them call for theoretically grounded approaches to hypermedia design.

Mary E. Hocks is Assistant Professor of English and Director of Writing Across the Curriculum at Georgia State University.

Michelle R. Kendrick is Assistant Professor of English in the Program in Electronic Media and Culture at Washington State University.


Table of Contents:

Acknowledgements vii
Introduction: Eloquent Images
Mary E. Hocks and Michelle R. Kendrick
I Visual and Verbal Practices in New Media
1 Critical Theory and the Challenge of New Media
Jay David Bolter
2 Seriously Visible
Anne Frances Wysocki
3 The Dialogics of New Media: Video, Visualization, and Narrative in Red Planet: Scientific and Cultural Encounters with Mars
Helen Burgess, Jeanne Hamming and Robert Markley
II Historical Relationships between Word and Image
4 Recovering the Multimedia History of Writing in the Public Texts of Ancient Egypt
Carol S. Lipson
5 Digital Images and Classical Persuasion
Kevin LaGrandeur
6 The Word as Image in an Age of Digita; Reproduction
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
III Perception and Knowledge in Visual and Verbal Texts
7 Same Difference: Evolving Conclusions about Textuality and New Media
Nancy Barta-Smith and Danette DiMarco
8 Illustrations, Images, and Anti-Illustrations
Jan Baetens
9 Cognitive and Educational Implications of Visually Rich Media: Images and Imagination
Jennifer Wiley
IV Identities and Culture in Digital Designs
10 Feminist Cyborgs Live on the World Wide Web: International and Not So International Contexts
Gail E. Harwisher and Patricia Sullivan
11 Unheimlich Maneuver: Self-Image and Identificatory Practice In Virtual Reality Environments
Alice Crawford
12 Eloquent Interfaces: Humanities-Based Analysis in the Age of Hypermedia
Ellen Strain and Gregory VanHoosier-Carey
13 Writing a Story in Virtual Reality
Josephine Anstey
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導言:雄辯的圖像 - Mary E. Hocks和Michelle R. Kendrick
1. 批判理論與新媒體的挑戰 - Jay David Bolter