Services Blueprint: Roadmap for Execution

Ravi Kalakota, Marcia Robinson



The authors provide students with the information they need to plan, analyze and execute these new service platforms, giving them a better grasp of the changing nature of enterprise applications and infrastructure. As future managers, they must understand that unless their firms create an effective services strategy, they are likely to be left behind. Kalakota and Robinson present a balanced perspective of what students need to know to make effective technology decisions. They write both to challenge the dominance of current piecemeal strategies and to address three critical issues: How to plan in an economy where differentiation is achieved not through products but through technology-enabled services; How to translate business imperatives into better technology execution; and How to organize the changes Web Services have wrought on the business landscape.

Table of Contents

1. From E-Business to Services: Why and Why Now?
2. Focal Points of Digitization.
3. Service Platforms: Enablers of Digitization.
4. Multi-Channel Customer Blueprint: Creating New Service Experiences.
5. Spend Management Blueprint: Enabling Supplier Management Services.
6. Supply Chain Blueprint: Creating an Adaptive Enterprise.
7. Employee-Centric Blueprint: Enabling Human Capital Management.
8. Product Innovation Blueprint: Enabling Product Lifecycle Management.
9. Vision to Execution: The Blueprint Methodology.
10. The Analysis and Design of New Services: Meso-Level Blueprint.
11. Making Digitization Happen: Micro-Level Technology Blueprint.
12. The Discipline of Execution: A Tale of Two Companies.



1. 從電子商務到服務:為什麼以及為什麼現在?
2. 數字化的焦點。
3. 服務平台:數字化的推動者。
4. 多通道客戶藍圖:創造新的服務體驗。
5. 花費管理藍圖:實現供應商管理服務。
6. 供應鏈藍圖:創建適應性企業。
7. 員工中心藍圖:實現人力資本管理。
8. 產品創新藍圖:實現產品生命周期管理。
9. 從願景到執行:藍圖方法論。
10. 新服務的分析和設計:中層藍圖。
11. 實現數字化:微觀技術藍圖。
12. 執行的紀律:兩家公司的故事。