Real World Digital Audio

Peter Kirn

  • 出版商: Peachpit Press
  • 出版日期: 2005-12-10
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0321304608
  • ISBN-13: 9780321304605
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Book Description

No matter what part of the musical spectrum you come from—whether you’re playing in a band, composing, or DJing—if you’re using a computer (or wondering whether you should be), to get the results you want from your digital studio you’ll need reliable information.

Real World Digital Audio is a comprehensive resource—a book and DVD combo—that offers practical advice on making great music with modern technologies—a valuable reference whatever your musical genre or preferred audio application. You’ll learn how digital sound works, and then apply that knowledge to getting your music to sound the way you want. From recording, mixing, and producing CDs, musical scores, and video soundtracks, to performing live with your laptop, this is the definitive guide to the art of creating digital music.

Real World Digital Audio will show you how to

  • Choose the right software and hardware to fit your musical direction—and your budget
  • Optimize your setup for maximum recording quality and reliability
  • Choose and strategically place microphones for different recording situations
  • Use loops and grooves to create backing tracks, DJ, and enhance live performances
  • Master MIDI and audio editing techniques to make expressive, polished tracks
  • Create dynamic sounds with audio effects, synthesizers, and soft synths
  • Generate publication-quality notated scores on your desktop
  • Mix, master, and share professional recordings, online music, and video soundtracks

The DVD included with this book is a cross-platform data DVD compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. The DVD contains over two gigabytes of sound content, instruments, and software tools that you can use immediately in your music, and to explore topics in the book.

Companion Web site at includes interviews with audio professionals, updated information, and more.

"Writing about digital audio is like shooting at a moving target. But Peter Kirn has managed to score a bullseye with Real World Digital Audio."
—Ernie Rideout, Editor-in-Chief, Keyboard magazine


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Understanding Digital Sound
How Sound Works
Sound and Perception
Sound in Digital Form

Chapter 2: Choosing Your Tools
Inputs and Outputs
Choosing the Right Computer
Music and Sound Production Tools          
Going Shopping

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Equipment
Setting Up Your Workspace
Connecting Physical Hardware

Chapter 4: Preparing Your Computer for Audio
Connecting Your Virtual Studio
Maintaining Your Virtual Studio

Chapter 5: Quick Songs with Patterns and Loops
Patterns and Loops
Create a Backing Track (GarageBand)
Tutorial 1: Start a Song and Choose Loops
Tutorial 2: Create a Basic Arrangement
Tutorial 3: Develop a Song Structure
Tutorial 4: Mix and Record

Make a Groove Box (Kinetic)
Tutorial 1: Patches, Patterns, and Grooves
Tutorial 2: Build Up a Set of Grooves
Tutorial 3: Ready for the Dance Floor

Chapter 6: Recording Instruments and Sound
Microphone Characteristics
Recording Applications
Digital Recording

Chapter 7: Processing and Effects
Basics of Signal Processors
Dynamics Processors
Time-Related Effects
Specialized Processors

Chapter 8: MIDI: Notes, Rhythms, and Physical Control
Ins, Outs, and Thrus of MIDI
How MIDI Models Performances
Recording Performances
Editing and Manipulating Performances

Chapter 9: Synthesis and Software Instruments
Basic Types of Synthesis
Samplers and Sample Playback
Synthesis Building Blocks: Virtual Analog Techniques
Modulation and Effects

Chapter 10: Put It Together: Arrange, Mix, and Master
Mixdown, Mastering, and Sharing

Chapter 11: Producing Printed Scores
What Notation Software Does
Getting Started with a Score
Print, Play, and Share Your Score

Chapter 12: Music and Sound for Video
Synchronization, Tools, and Formats
Music for Video
Recording for Video

Chapter 13: Playing Live
Digital Audio Onstage
Live Arranging and Clips
DJing and the Live Remix
Custom Performance Software

Appendix: What’s on the DVD
Tools and Extras