Teach What You Know: A Practical Leader's Guide to Knowledge Transfer Using Peer Mentoring

Steve Trautman



Every organization relies on internal subject matter experts (the peer mentors) to teach what they know to new hires and other team members (the apprentices). This book is the first comprehensive, how-to manual that provides peer mentors, apprentices, and the people who manage them a process and toolset for getting each other up to speed. The checklists, templates, questions, and step by step procedures help organize knowledge into manageable chunks, teach it, and ensure it's received as intended, all while the peer mentor manages the pressures of a full workload. The ideas in the book improve communication and reduce frustration between all players by helping to clarify expectations in the plainest language possible. Author Steve Trautman first developed Peer Mentoring for engineers at Microsoft more than 15 years ago and has since presented the ideas to thousands of people from every type of organization. The universal truths that the book addresses translate easily from software development, to manufacturing to sales to social work. The Practical Leader's Guide to Knowledge Transfer is for anyone working in a fast paced, no-nonsense environment where rapid growth or sudden transition means employees must assimilate new knowledge fast.


每個組織都依賴內部的專業人士(同儕導師)將他們所知道的教授給新進員工和其他團隊成員(學徒)。這本書是第一本全面的實用手冊,為同儕導師、學徒和管理他們的人提供了一個過程和工具集,以使彼此能夠快速上手。清單、範本、問題和逐步程序有助於將知識組織成可管理的塊,教授它,並確保它被正確接收,同時同儕導師還要應對繁重的工作壓力。本書中的理念通過以最簡單的語言幫助澄清期望,從而改善所有參與者之間的溝通並減少挫折感。作者Steve Trautman在15年前首次為微軟的工程師開發了同儕導師制度,並且此後已向來自各種組織的成千上萬的人介紹了這些理念。本書所涉及的普遍真理可以輕易地從軟體開發轉化到製造、銷售和社會工作等領域。《實用領導者的知識傳遞指南》適用於在快節奏、實際環境中工作的任何人,其中快速增長或突然轉變意味著員工必須快速吸收新知識。