Essential Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): For .NET Framework 3.5

Steve Resnick, Richard Crane, Chris Bowen

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“Whether this is the first time or the fifty-first time you’re using WCF, you’ll learn something new by reading this book.”

 --Nicholas Allen, Program Manager, Web Services, Microsoft


Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is the easiest way to produce and consume Web services on the Microsoft platform. With .NET 3.5, WCF has been extensively revamped--and Visual Studio 2008 gives developers powerful new tools for utilizing it. Essential Windows Communication Foundation shows developers exactly how to make the most of WCF with .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008.


Drawing on extensive experience working with early adopters, three Microsoft insiders systematically address the topics developers ask about WCF. The authors approach each subject with practical advice and present best practices, tips, and tricks for solving problems. Throughout, you’ll find detailed explanations, solutions for the “pain points” of WCF development, and an extensive collection of reusable code examples. Coverage includes

  • Using WCF contracts to define complex structures and interfaces
  • Understanding WCF’s channel stacks and channel model architecture
  • Configuring the WCF communication stack to use only the protocols you need
  • Using standard and custom service behaviors to manage concurrency, instances, transactions, and more
  • Serializing data from .NET types to XML Infosets and representing Infosets “on the wire”
  • Hosting WCF services via IIS, managed .NET applications, and Windows Activation Services
  • WCF security, in depth: authentication; transport and message-level security; and Internet and intranet scenarios
  • Improving reliability: exception handling, diagnostics, and more
  • Workflow services: new integration points between WCF 3.5 and Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Building client-to-client, peer network-based applications
  • Utilizing WCF for non-SOAP Web services: AJAX and JSON examples and .NET 3.5 hosting classes

Microsoft’s Steve Resnick, Richard Crane, and Chris Bowen are technology experts at the Microsoft Technology Center in Boston. They specialize in helping customers improve their technical agility by applying WCF and related technologies. Resnick has specialized in Internet technologies and distributed computing at Microsoft since 1995. He is a frequent speaker at Microsoft events and is now technology director for the U.S. Microsoft Technology Centers. Crane has more than 15 years of experience in senior software development roles. He specializes in large-scale Web sites, distributed computing, transactional systems, and performance analysis. Bowen has been an architect and developer for more than 15 years at companies such as and Staples and is co-author of Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System.


Foreword xxv

Preface xxvii

Chapter 1: Basics 1

Chapter 2: Contracts 33

Chapter 3: Channels 91

Chapter 4: Bindings 111

Chapter 5: Behaviors 181

Chapter 6: Serialization and Encoding 241

Chapter 7: Hosting 287

Chapter 8: Security 315

Chapter 9: Diagnostics 375

Chapter 10: Exception Handling 403

Chapter 11: Workflow Services 423

Chapter 12: Peer Networking 459

Chapter 13: Programmable Web 503

Appendix: Advanced Topics 537

Index 553


「無論是第一次還是第五十一次使用 WCF,閱讀這本書都能學到新的東西。」
- Nicholas Allen, 微軟網路服務計畫經理

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 是在微軟平台上製作和使用 Web 服務的最簡單方式。在 .NET 3.5 中,WCF 已經進行了大幅改進,而 Visual Studio 2008 為開發人員提供了強大的新工具來利用它。《Essential Windows Communication Foundation》向開發人員展示了如何充分利用 .NET 3.5 和 Visual Studio 2008 的 WCF。

這本書的作者是三位微軟內部人員,他們根據與早期使用者的廣泛經驗,系統地回答了開發人員對於 WCF 的問題。作者以實用的建議和最佳實踐方法來處理每個主題,並提供解決問題的技巧和技巧。全書詳細解釋了 WCF 開發的「痛點」的解決方案,並提供了大量可重複使用的程式碼範例。內容包括:

- 使用 WCF 合約定義複雜結構和介面
- 理解 WCF 的通道堆疊和通道模型架構
- 配置 WCF 通訊堆疊,僅使用所需的協議
- 使用標準和自訂服務行為來管理並發性、實例、交易等
- 從 .NET 類型序列化數據到 XML Infosets,並在網路上表示 Infosets
- 通過 IIS、受管理的 .NET 應用程序和 Windows 啟動服務來託管 WCF 服務
- 深入研究 WCF 安全性:身份驗證、傳輸和消息級安全性,以及互聯網和內部網路場景
- 提高可靠性:異常處理、診斷等
- 工作流服務:WCF 3.5 和 Windows Workflow Foundation 之間的新整合點
- 構建客戶端對客戶端、基於對等網路的應用程序
- 利用 WCF 進行非 SOAP Web 服務:AJAX 和 JSON 範例以及 .NET 3.5 的託管類

書中的作者 Steve Resnick、Richard Crane 和 Chris Bowen 是微軟波士頓技術中心的技術專家。他們專注於幫助客戶應用 WCF 和相關技術來提高技術敏捷性。Resnick 自 1995 年以來一直在微軟專注於互聯網技術和分散式計算。他經常在微軟活動中演講,現在是美國微軟技術中心的技術總監。Crane 在高級軟體開發角色中擁有超過 15 年的經驗,專注於大型網站、分散式計算、交易系統和性能分析。Bowen 在 和 Staples 等公司擔任架構師和開發人員超過 15 年,並且是《Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System》的合著者。

- 前言
- 前言
- 第一章:基礎
- 第二章:合約
- 第三章:通道
- 第四章:綁定
- 第五章:行為
- 第六章:序列化和編碼
- 第七章:託管
- 第八章:安全性