CMMI Distilled: A Practical Introduction to Integrated Process Improvement, 3/e (Paperback)

Dennis M. Ahern, Aaron Clouse, Richard Turner



CMMI® (Capability Maturity Model® Integration) is an integrated, extensible framework for improving process capability and quality across an organization. It has become a cornerstone in the implementation of continuous improvement for both industry and governments around the world. Rich in both detail and guidance for a wide set of organizational domains, the CMMI Product Suite continues to evolve and expand.

Updated for CMMI Version 1.2, this third edition of CMMI® Distilled again provides a concise and readable introduction to the model, as well as straightforward, no-nonsense information on integrated, continuous process improvement. The book now also includes practical advice on how to use CMMI in tandem with other approaches, including Six Sigma and Lean, as well as new and expanded guidance on preparing for, managing, and using appraisals.

Written so that readers unfamiliar with model-based process improvement will understand how to get started with CMMI, the book offers insights for those more experienced as well. It can help battle-scarred process improvement veterans, and experienced suppliers and acquirers of both systems and services, perform more effectively. CMMI® Distilled is especially appropriate for executives and managers who need to understand why continuous improvement is valuable, why CMMI is a tool of choice, and how to maximize the return on their efforts and investments. Engineers of all kinds (systems, hardware, software, and quality, as well as acquisition personnel and service providers) will find ideas on how to perform better.

The three authors, all involved with CMMI since its inception, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to this book. They highlight the pitfalls and shortcuts that are all too often learned by costly experience, and they provide a context for understanding why the use of CMMI continues to grow around the world.



這本第三版的《CMMI® Distilled》已更新至CMMI 1.2版本,再次提供了簡明易讀的模型介紹,以及關於整合持續流程改進的直接、實用的資訊。該書還包括如何與其他方法(包括Six Sigma和Lean)並用CMMI的實際建議,以及關於準備、管理和使用評估的新的擴展指導。

這本書的撰寫方式使得對模型導向的流程改進不熟悉的讀者能夠理解如何開始使用CMMI,同時也為有經驗的讀者提供了洞察。它可以幫助那些經歷過流程改進的老兵,以及有經驗的系統和服務供應商更有效地執行工作。《CMMI® Distilled》尤其適合需要了解持續改進價值、為何選擇CMMI以及如何最大化努力和投資回報的高管和經理。各種工程師(系統、硬體、軟體和品質,以及採購人員和服務提供商)都能從中獲得更好的表現的想法。