CMMI for Outsourcing: Guidelines for Software, Systems, and IT Acquisition[Hardcover]

Hubert F. Hofmann, Deborah K. Yedlin, John W. Mishler, Susan Kushner




"By following the guidance contained in [the CMMI-ACQ and this book], you'll be able to build an organic acquisition capability that will position your organization to successfully set the scope of engagements with suppliers, keep suppliers and in-house users focused on a common picture of success, and deliver capabilities that will position your organization as a leader in your market or mission for years to come."
--From the Foreword by Brian Gallagher
Director, Acquisition Program, Software Engineering Institute

Increasingly, both commercial and government organizations are acquiring key software, systems, and IT functions instead of building them. Yet all too often, the technology solutions they purchase cannot be sustained successfully. Now there is a comprehensive solution: the CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ) model, which connects the widely adopted CMMI 1.2 framework with established industry best practices for acquisition and outsourcing.

This book is a practical introduction to the initial CMMI-ACQ and its use in all phases of technology acquisition. Developed under the leadership of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and General Motors (GM), the CMMI-ACQ combines CMMI's successful process discipline with techniques proven to work in GM's own extensive outsourcing program. Reflecting the unique insights of key players in the development and early implementation of the CMMI-ACQ, the book covers the entire acquisition project lifecycle, presenting real-world stories as they might occur in your own organizations, insider experiences, tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid.

The topics discussed here include: determining when outsourcing is and is not appropriate; developing acquisition strategies and aligning organizational structure with them; capturing accurate requirements; specifying realistic design constraints; writing effective RFPs; selecting, managing, and collaborating with suppliers; negotiating contracts; managing risk; and "measuring for success."

CMMI for Outsourcing® will be valuable to any organization that wants to achieve better results from technology acquisition. It will be especially helpful to organizations already involved with CMMI-related process improvement and to companies that partner with them.


Table of Contents

Foreword    xiii
Preface    xv

Chapter 1: Introduction to the CMMI-ACQ    1

1.1  What Is CMMI-ACQ?    2
1.2  The Structure of This Book    3
1.3  Our Team: Recruiting the Project Manager    4
1.4  Introducing the Supplier's Representatives    13
1.5  The First Meeting with the Supplier's Reps    14
1.6  Recruiting the Internal Customer    19
1.7  Meeting with the Executive Board    20
1.8 The Way Forward    26

Chapter 2: Getting Started    27

2.1  Charting the Strategy    29
2.2  A Strategy Meeting with Senior Executives    32
2.3  From Strategy to Plan    45
2.4  Partnering with Suppliers    65
2.5  Summary    113

Chapter 3: Engineering Solutions    119

3.1  Focus on Value    120
3.2  Specify Realistic Design Constraints    143
3.3  Practice Agility    164
3.4  Summary    182

Chapter 4: Delivering Solutions    187

4.1  Treat Each Project as a Whole Endeavor    188
4.2  Manage Project Risks    208
4.3  Measure for Success    220
4.4  Let's Go Live (and Live to Tell About It)    244
4.5  Summary    262

Chapter 5: Accelerating Acquisition Improvement    267

5.1  The Need for Process Stability    270
5.2  Establish Standardized Work Processes    290
5.3  Smooth Sailing    301
5.4  Leading the Charge for Change    309
5.5  Summary    330

Appendix: Overview of CMMI-ACQ    335

Bibliography    419
About the Authors    423
Index    425



通過遵循CMMI-ACQ和本書中所包含的指導,您將能夠建立一個有機的採購能力,使您的組織能夠成功地確定與供應商的合作範圍,使供應商和內部用戶保持對成功的共同理解,並提供能夠使您的組織在市場或任務中成為領導者的能力。——布萊恩·加拉格爾(Brian Gallagher)撰寫的前言中引用

越來越多的商業和政府組織正在購買關鍵的軟件、系統和IT功能,而不是自行開發。然而,他們購買的技術解決方案往往無法成功維護。現在有一個全面的解決方案:CMMI for Acquisition(CMMI-ACQ)模型,它將廣泛採用的CMMI 1.2框架與已建立的採購和外包行業最佳實踐相結合。



對於希望從技術採購中獲得更好結果的任何組織來說,《CMMI for Outsourcing®》都是有價值的。對於已經參與與CMMI相關的流程改進以及與他們合作的公司尤其有幫助。