Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows

Steve Schwartz

  • 出版商: Peachpit Press
  • 出版日期: 2007-06-10
  • 售價: $1,220
  • 貴賓價: 9.5$1,159
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 448
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0321487796
  • ISBN-13: 9780321487797




Completely redesigned to help users finish tasks more quickly and manage information more effectively, Microsoft Office 2007 will offer users a new look and smarter ways of getting things done. From the expanded depth and power of Excel 2007 to the new graphics capabilities and formatting tools of PowerPoint, Microsoft has rethought and reworked the entire suite. And in this new edition of our Office Visual QuickStart Guide, author Steve Schwartz has rewritten from the ground up the entire book to better aid readers as they get up to speed with the new Office tools. The book is essential reference tool for the home and small business user, covering everything in the Office Basic, Home & Student, Standard, and Small Business suites. Software covered includes: Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

  • Easy visual approach uses pictures to guide you through Microsoft Office and show you what to do.
  • Concise steps and explanations let you get up and running in no time.
  • Page for page, the best content and value around.


Table of Contents

Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

How this book is organized
Which suites are covered?
The Office Applications
Microsoft Office Word 2007
Microsoft Office Excel 2007
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
Microsoft Office Publisher 2007

Part I: Introducing Microsoft Office 2007

Chapter 1: What’s New in Office 2007
The New User Interface
Office Button
Ribbon bar
Enhanced ToolTips
Quick Access Toolbar
Contextual Tabs
Live Preview
Mini Toolbar
New File Formats
New Features and Changes
New in Word
New in Excel
New in PowerPoint
New in Outlook
New in OneNote
New in Publisher

Chapter 2: Office Basics
Launching Office Applications
Creating a New Document
Opening Documents
Saving Documents
Closing Documents
Working with Windows
Setting the Magnification
Using the Office Clipboard
Getting Help
Quitting an Office Program

Part II: Microsoft Word

Chapter 3: Getting Started with Word 2007
The Word Interface
Working in Different Views
Print Layout view
Full Screen Reading view
Web Layout view
Outline view
Draft view
Managing Windows
Setting Show/Hide Options
Entering Text
Editing Text
Basic Text Editing
Using the Proofing Tools
Finding and Replacing Text
Entering Symbols and Special Characters

Chapter 4: Formatting Documents
Specifying Page Settings
Modifying the Background
Inserting Breaks
Managing pages
Adding a Cover Page or Blank Page
Adding Headers or Footers
Paragraph Formatting
Setting Alignment
Setting Indents
Creatng Lists
Between-Paragraph and Line Spacing
Character Formatting
Working with Styles
Merge Formatting

Chapter 5: Creating Outlines
About Outline View
Starting an Outline
Reorganizing an Outline
Changing Display Settings

Chapter 6: Tables, Charts, and Art
Inserting Tables
Entering Data into a Table
Modifying the Table Grid
Formatting Table Data
Calculations in Tables
Creating Charts
About Adding Graphics and Objects
Adding Pictures
Adding ClipArt
Adding Shapes
Using a Drawing Canvas
Adding SmartArt
Creating WordArt
Adding a Text Box
Settting Text Wrap
Resizing, Moving, and Rotating Objects

Chapter 7: Sharing Word Documents
Choosing a File Format
Emailing Word Documents
Publishing Blog Entries
Change Tracking
Comparing Documents
Combining Documents
The Document Inspector
Protecting a Document

Part III: Microsoft Excel

Chapter 8: Getting Started with Excel 2007
The Excel Interface
Workbooks and Worksheets
Cell and Range Selection
Entering Data
Editing Data
Reorganizing a Workbook
Filling Cells
Importing Data
Finding/Replacing Data
Sorting Data
Naming Cell and Ranges
Password-Protecting a Workbook

Chapter 9: Formatting Worksheets and Data
Selecting Cells and Ranges
Setting Column Width and Row Height
About Data and Cell Formatting
Character and Paragraph Formatting
Fitting Text Within a Cell
Number Formatting
Conditional Formatting
Adding Cell Borders and Backgrounds
Removing, Replacing, and Reusing Formats

Chapter 10: Formulas and Functions
About Cell References
A1 reference style
3-D reference style
Structured reference style
Formula Essentials
Anatomy of a formula
Releative, absolute, and mixed
Creating Formulas
Editing Formulas
Troubleshooting Tips

Chapter 11: Working with Tables
Creating a Table
Formating a Table
Creating Calculated Columns
Adding a Total Row
Sorting and Filtering
Changing a Table’s Size

Chapter 12: Creating Charts
Chart Elements
Creating a Chart
Changing the Background
Adding and Formatting Text
Rows vs. Columns
Changing the Layout and Style
Displaying the Data Set
Working with Gridlines
Working with the Legend
Adding Trendlines
Modifying the Axes
Changing the Chart Data

Part IV: Microsoft PowerPoint

Chapter 13: Getting Started with PowerPoint 2007
The PowerPoint Interface
Working in Differenet Views
Creating a Presentation

Chapter 14: Creating a Presentation
Beginning a Presentation
Setting the Theme
Adding and Deleting Slides
Replacing Placeholders
Inserting Other Items
Creating a Photo Album
Previewing the Slide Show

Chapter 15: Completing a Presentation
Animating Objects and Text
Organizing the Slides
Adding Transitions
Rehearsing a Presentation
Printing Notes and Handouts
Saving a Presentation in Other Formats

Part V: Microsoft Outlook

Chapter 16: Getting Started with Outlook 2007
Email Essentials
Types of Email Accounts
About Email Addresses
Adding Email Accounts
Creating an account
Modifying an account and setting options
Note: Explain changing account types  here
Creating account groups
About Profiles
Creating Send/Receive Groups
Adding RSS Feeds
The Outlook Window
Working online and offline
Customizing Outlook
Getting Help

Chapter 17: Using the Address Book
The Contacts Window
Viewing Contact Records
Creating Contact Records
Searching for a Contact
Using Business Cards
Creating Distribution Lists

Chapter 18: Composing and Sending Mail
The Message Window
Creating Messages
About Message Formats
Setting the message format
Formatting text and paragraphs
Adding Attachments
Inserting Items
Correcting Spelling Errors
Using Signatures
Other Message Options
Requesting a receipt
Setting a message priority
Applying page colors, themes, and stationery

Chapter 19: Receiving Mail
Checking for New Mail
Reading Messages
Changing the View
Searching for Messages
Working with Attachments
Printing Messages

Chapter 20: Managing the Mail
Marking Messages as Read
Deleting Messages
Copying and Moving Messages
Creating Message Folders
Categorizing Messages
Flagging Messages
Handling Junk Mail and Phishing
Creating Message Rules

Chapter 21: Tasks and Appointments
Calendar Basics
Recording an Appointment or Event
Creating Recurring Events
Responding to Reminders
Modifying Events and Appointments
Searching for an Event or Appointment
Emailing a Calendar
Task Basics
Creating a Task
Modifying Tasks

Part VI: Microsoft OneNote

Chapter 22: Getting Started with OneNote 2007
The OneNote Interface
Notebooks, Sections, and Pages
Opening and Closing Notebooks
OneNote Integration
Getting Help

Chapter 23: Creating Notes 
Typing a Note
Recording an Audio Note
Recording a Video Note
Creating Handwritten Notes
Copy-and-paste and Drag-and-drop
Creating Notes from Outlook Items
Notes without OneNote

Chapter 24: Embellishing and Editing Notes
Using Page Templates
Inserting Images from Disk
Inserting and Working with Tables
Inserting Hyperlinks
Editing and Formatting Notes
Correcting Spelling Errors

Chapter 25: Managing and Organizing Notes
rearranging Notebooks, Sections, and Pages
Moving Pages and Sections
Creating Section Groups
Creating Page Groups
Deleting Notes and Object
Adding Section Passwords
Searching for Notes
Printing Notes

Part VII: Microsoft Publisher

Chapter 26: Getting Started with Publisher 2007
The Publisher Interface
Creating a Publication
Creating a Business Information Set
Replacing Text Placeholders
Replacing and Inserting Artwork
Previewing the Publication
Making Minor Changes
Coloring the name text box
Moving the logo
Formatting text
Formatting the logo
Storing and Reusing Items
Changing the Font or Color Scheme
Changing Templates
Addressing the Postcards

Chapter 27: Distributing and Printing Publications
Running a Prepress Check
Creating PDFs
Emailing a Publication
Publishing to the Web
Printing a Publication