Web Development with TIBCO General Interface: Building AJAX Clients for Enterprise SOA (Paperback)

Anil Gurnani

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  • 出版日期: 2009-02-15
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Web Development with TIBCO General Interface

Building AJAX Clients for Enterprise SOA


Anil Gurnani


Use TIBCO General Interface to build web applications with state-of-the-art performance and usability


TIBCO General Interface provides powerful tools and a framework to craft AJAX-based web applications that rival desktop applications in performance and usability. This is the only book that offers developers thorough guidance for using TIBCO’s award-winning open source tools to build interactive, high-performance GUIs and integrate them with leading server-side technologies. Experienced TIBCO General Interface developer Anil Gurnani focuses on applying General Interface in real-world production applications and presents numerous working examples that can easily be adapted for your existing sites and applications.


You’ll first walk through the fundamental concepts and techniques needed to build powerful General Interface clients. Next, you’ll dive into specific back-end technologies, mastering them through start-to-finish case study projects. Finally, drawing on his own experience building enterprise-class General Interface applications for the financial services industry, Gurnani illuminates advanced topics ranging from charting and collaboration

to application optimization. Coverage includes

  • Integrating XML and XSL with TIBCO General Interface’s XML Mapping utility
  • Extending General Interface widgets with object-oriented JavaScript
  • Integrating with web services, databases, portals, and messaging systems: start-to-finish case study sample applications
  • Integrating General Interface applications into service-oriented enterprises using Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Using OpenAJAX Hub (TIBCO PageBus) to simplify collaboration among GUI components


Anil Gurnani’s book greatly augments the available information for developers learning and using TIBCO’s General Interface. …With this book, you will quickly be building General Interface applications, faster and easier than ever before.

—Michael Peachey, co-founder of General Interface and Director of User Experience, TIBCO Software


Anil Gurnani has written extensively on technical topics for many prestigious magazines. He is an adjunct at SCPS, New York University, where he teaches advanced courses focused on web and enterprise technologies including Core Java, JEE, and .NET. He is also an expert at managing large, global, multifunctional teams to architect and build complex distributed systems with a portfolio of front-end applications and back-end services.


About the CD-ROM The accompanying CD-ROM contains all source code files for working examples. Updated code and additional resources are available on a companion website.


Web Development/Ajax





《使用TIBCO General Interface進行網頁開發》


Anil Gurnani

使用TIBCO General Interface建立具有最先進性能和易用性的網頁應用程式

TIBCO General Interface提供強大的工具和框架,用於開發基於AJAX的網頁應用程式,其性能和易用性可媲美桌面應用程式。這是唯一一本為開發人員提供使用TIBCO屢獲殊榮的開源工具來建立互動式、高性能GUI並將其與領先的伺服器端技術整合的全面指南。經驗豐富的TIBCO General Interface開發人員Anil Gurnani專注於在實際生產應用程式中應用General Interface,並提供了許多可輕鬆適應現有網站和應用程式的實用範例。

您將首先深入了解建立強大的General Interface客戶端所需的基本概念和技術。接下來,您將通過從頭到尾的案例研究項目,掌握特定的後端技術。最後,借鑒他在金融服務業為企業級General Interface應用程式建立的經驗,Gurnani闡明了從圖表和協作到應用程式優化等高級主題。內容包括:

- 使用TIBCO General Interface的XML映射工具集成XML和XSL
- 使用面向對象的JavaScript擴展General Interface小工具
- 通過案例研究範例應用程式與Web服務、數據庫、門戶和消息系統集成
- 使用企業服務總線(ESB)將General Interface應用程式集成到面向服務的企業中
- 使用OpenAJAX Hub(TIBCO PageBus)簡化GUI元件之間的協作

Anil Gurnani的書大大增加了開發人員學習和使用TIBCO General Interface的可用信息。...通過這本書,您將比以往更快、更輕鬆地建立General Interface應用程式。

- Michael Peachey,General Interface聯合創始人兼TIBCO Software用戶體驗總監

Anil Gurnani曾為許多知名雜誌撰寫技術文章。他是紐約大學SCPS的兼職教師,教授專注於Web和企業技術,包括Core Java、JEE和.NET等高級課程。他還是管理大型全球多功能團隊、設計和構建具有前端應用程式和後端服務組合的複雜分散式系統的專家。