The Lean Forward Moment: Create Compelling Stories for Film, TV, and the Web (Paperback)

Norman Hollyn

  • 出版商: New Riders
  • 出版日期: 2009-01-02
  • 定價: $1,350
  • 售價: 6.0$810
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 384
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0321585453
  • ISBN-13: 9780321585455
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In this groundbreaking book Norman Hollyn outlines his 'Lean Forward Moment Method' of storytelling that applies to all aspects of the film-making process and media production. Whether you are an editor, producer, director, cinematographer or visual effects pro, this book will provide the essential techniques you need to create engaging content that emotionally connects with your audience. The core storytelling techniques in this book, apply equally to all levels and types of film and media projects: feature films, television documentaries, fiction, web-based video games, commercials, event films and much more. As an Associate Professor at the School of Cinematic Arts at USC and having worked on movie projects with such Hollywood greats at Alan J Pakula, Sidney Lumet and Francis Ford Coppola, Norman Hollyn is uniquely qualified to provide you with the conceptual and practical tools to tell your story effectively. After the initial formative chapters, Norman examines the filmmaking process in its three main areas - preproduction, production and postproduction. Within each area he describes how the Lean Forward method can help with every step of the creative process (setup, scene description, the script, production design, direction, cinematography, editing, opticals and special effects, music and sound). He then brings together the concepts he discusses by providing real world examples from a drama, an action film, a documentary and a commercial.

"Norman Hollyn uses the ancient magic of alchemy to reveal the art of making a great film. Writing an outstanding primer on filmmaking, he provides an historical perspective from several iconic movies, revealing the innermost secrets of successful filmmakers. If you want to construct a film, you need this book!" - MARTIN COHEN, President of Post Production, Paramount Pictures.

"Norman Hollyn's The Lean Forward Moment speaks volumes about the art and craft of filmmaking. His elegant explanations of editorial choices and creative decisions tell the full story. It is a serious work and it will be a resource for every emerging filmmaker" - IAN CALDERON, Director of Digital Initiatives, Sundance Institute.

"Only a film editor, with a career of experience in the cockpit of the cutting room, could so clearly and completely explain how some storytelling efforts succeed and others fail. Fortunately, Norman Hollyn is such an editor, and he has given us the gift of explanation in the richly illustrated The Lean Forward Moment." - BILL KINDER, Editorial and Post Production Director.


在這本開創性的書中,諾曼·霍林(Norman Hollyn)概述了他的「前傾時刻方法」,該方法適用於電影製作過程和媒體製作的各個方面。無論您是編輯、製片人、導演、攝影師還是視覺效果專業人士,本書都將提供您所需的基本技巧,以創造引人入勝且能與觀眾情感連結的內容。本書中的核心故事講述技巧同樣適用於各種級別和類型的電影和媒體項目:長片、電視紀錄片、小說、基於網絡的視頻遊戲、商業廣告、活動影片等等。作為南加州大學電影藝術學院的副教授,並曾與好萊塢大師艾倫·J·帕庫拉(Alan J Pakula)、西德尼·盧梅特(Sidney Lumet)和弗朗西斯·福特·科波拉(Francis Ford Coppola)等人合作過電影項目,諾曼·霍林具備獨特的資格,能夠為您提供有效講述故事的概念和實用工具。在最初的基礎章節之後,諾曼將電影製作過程分為三個主要領域:前期製作、拍攝和後期製作。在每個領域內,他描述了「前傾方法」如何在創意過程的每一步(設置、場景描述、劇本、製作設計、導演、攝影、剪輯、光學和特效、音樂和音效)中提供幫助。然後,他通過提供來自劇情片、動作片、紀錄片和商業廣告的真實案例來將他所討論的概念結合起來。

「諾曼·霍林運用古老的煉金術揭示了製作一部偉大電影的藝術。他在電影製作方面寫了一本傑出的入門書,從幾部具有標誌性的電影中提供了歷史觀點,揭示了成功電影製片人的最深秘密。如果您想製作一部電影,您需要這本書!」- 馬丁·科恩(MARTIN COHEN),派拉蒙影業(Paramount Pictures)後期製作總裁。

「諾曼·霍林的《前傾時刻》對電影製作的藝術和技藝有著深刻的見解。他對編輯選擇和創意決策的優雅解釋完整地講述了整個故事。這是一本嚴肅的作品,將成為每一位新興電影製片人的資源。」- 伊恩·卡爾德隆(IAN CALDERON),桑丹斯學院(Sundance Institute)數字項目主管。

「只有一位在剪輯室中擁有豐富經驗的電影剪輯師才能如此清晰而完整地解釋一些故事講述的成功和失敗。幸運的是,諾曼·霍林就是這樣一位剪輯師,他在豐富插圖的《前傾時刻》中給了我們解釋的禮物。」- 比爾·金德(BILL KINDER),編輯和後期製作總監。