12 Essential Skills for Software Architects (Paperback)

Dave Hendricksen



Master the Crucial Non-Technical Skills Every Software Architect Needs!


Thousands of software professionals have the necessary technical qualifications to become architects, but far fewer have the crucial non-technical skills needed to get hired and succeed in this role. In today’s agile environments, these “soft” skills have grown even more crucial to success as an architect. For many developers, however, these skills don’t come naturally–and they’re rarely addressed in formal training. Now, long-time software architect Dave Hendricksen helps you fill this gap, supercharge your organizational impact, and quickly move to the next level in your career.


In 12 Essential Skills for Software Architects, Hendricksen begins by pinpointing the specific relationship, personal, and business skills that successful architects rely upon. Next, he presents proven methods for systematically developing and sharpening every one of these skills, from negotiation and leadership to pragmatism and vision.


From start to finish, this book’s practical insights can help you get the architect position you want–and thrive once you have it!


The soft skills you need…

…and a coherent framework and practical methodology for mastering them!


Relationship skills

Leadership, politics, gracious behavior, communication, negotiation


Personal skills

Context switching, transparency, passion


Business skills

Pragmatism, vision, business knowledge, innovation


掌握軟體架構師所需的關鍵「非技術」技能!數以千計的軟體專業人員具備成為架構師所需的技術資格,但能夠獲得聘用並在這個角色中成功的人卻遠遠不及。在今天的敏捷環境中,這些「軟性」技能對於成為一名優秀的架構師來說變得更加重要。然而,對於許多開發人員來說,這些技能並不自然,而且很少在正式培訓中提到。現在,長期從事軟體架構師工作的Dave Hendricksen將幫助您填補這一空白,提升您在組織中的影響力,並快速在職業生涯中晉升到下一個層次。

在《12 Essential Skills for Software Architects》中,Hendricksen首先明確指出成功架構師所依賴的具體關係、個人和業務技能。接下來,他提出了一套經過驗證的方法,用於系統地開發和提升這些技能,從談判和領導力到實用主義和遠見。