SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight (Paperback)

Bob German, Paul Stubbs

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  • 出版日期: 2011-12-01
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  • ISBN-13: 9780321769596
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This book is for every SharePoint developer who wants to build state-of-the-art solutions with Silverlight—within the enterprise, for consulting clients, or for commercial sale.


Developers increasingly want to build rich applications that run in the SharePoint 2010 browser user interface while offering a far more compelling and engaging experience than conventional web pages. One proven technology gives them all the tools and resources they need to achieve these goals: Silverlight®. Using Silverlight and SharePoint together, developers can create state-of-the-art applications that utilize Silverlight’s outstanding user experience, and fully leverage the vast collections of business data already stored in corporate SharePoint deployments. In SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight, two SharePoint gurus collaborate to teach all the concepts and techniques needed to create robust Silverlight solutions for delivery through SharePoint 2010, and present fully documented code that demonstrates superior design and programming.


Bob German and Paul Stubbs draw on their extensive experience developing custom SharePoint business solutions with Silverlight and presenting on these technologies at leading Microsoft developer events. Writing for both experienced and new SharePoint developers, they quickly review the fundamentals of both SharePoint and Silverlight development, and then demonstrate how to use both platforms together to build uniquely powerful solutions. These include:

• Simple and connected Silverlight Web Parts (Chapter 5) and Silverlight Web Part Editing (Chapters 7 and 10)

• Advanced use of the SharePoint Client Object Model including dynamic loading, paging, and server-side exception handling (Chapter 8)

• Use of SharePoint’s REST API including paging, caching, and filtering (Chapter 9)

• Integration with SharePoint search and social networking (Chapter 10)

• Solutions that improve performance and reduce server traffic by passing serialized .NET objects on the web page (Chapter 7)

• Use of SharePoint’s JavaScript API with JQuery (Chapter 7)

• SharePoint applications for Windows Phone 7 (Chapter 12)

• Integration with Office 365 and Windows Azure™ services (Chapter 14)

• Silverlight field types in SharePoint, featuring a mapping field that allows geocoding SharePoint content (Chapter 15)


Including New Features in Silverlight 5

Silverlight 5 introduces a number of new features such as implicit data templates and debugging data binding that can be very helpful in SharePoint solutions. All the examples in this book have been tested with Silverlight 4; some have been extended to showcase the new capabilities in Silverlight 5. See Chapter 3 for a list.




這本書適合每一位想要在企業內部、為顧問客戶或商業銷售而建立最先進解決方案的SharePoint開發人員。開發人員越來越希望建立在SharePoint 2010瀏覽器使用者介面中運行的豐富應用程式,並提供比傳統網頁更引人入勝的體驗。Silverlight®是一種被證實有效的技術,為開發人員提供了實現這些目標所需的所有工具和資源。使用Silverlight和SharePoint,開發人員可以創建利用Silverlight卓越的使用者體驗的最先進應用程式,並充分利用已存儲在企業SharePoint部署中的大量商業數據。在《SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight》中,兩位SharePoint專家合作,教授創建用於通過SharePoint 2010交付的強大Silverlight解決方案所需的所有概念和技術,並提供完整的程式碼文檔,展示出優秀的設計和編程。

Bob German和Paul Stubbs借鑒了他們在使用Silverlight開發自定義SharePoint商業解決方案以及在領先的Microsoft開發者活動上介紹這些技術的豐富經驗。他們為有經驗和新手SharePoint開發人員撰寫,迅速回顧了SharePoint和Silverlight開發的基礎知識,然後演示如何將兩個平台結合使用以建立獨特強大的解決方案。這些解決方案包括:

- 簡單且連接的Silverlight Web Part(第5章)和Silverlight Web Part編輯(第7章和第10章)
- 使用SharePoint客戶端物件模型的高級用法,包括動態加載、分頁和服務器端異常處理(第8章)
- 使用SharePoint的REST API,包括分頁、緩存和過濾(第9章)
- 與SharePoint搜索和社交網絡集成(第10章)
- 通過在網頁上傳遞序列化的.NET對象來改善性能並減少服務器流量(第7章)
- 使用JQuery的SharePoint JavaScript API(第7章)
- Windows Phone 7的SharePoint應用程式(第12章)
- 與Office 365和Windows Azure™服務集成(第14章)
- SharePoint中的Silverlight字段類型,包括允許對SharePoint內容進行地理編碼的映射字段(第15章)

包括Silverlight 5中的新功能

Silverlight 5引入了一些新功能,例如隱式數據模板和調試數據繫結,這些功能在SharePoint解決方案中非常有用。本書中的所有示例都已在Silverlight 4上進行了測試;其中一些已擴展以展示Silverlight 5的新功能。請參閱第3章了解詳細列表。