VCDX Boot Camp: Preparing for the VCDX Panel Defense (Paperback)

John Arrasjid, Ben Lin, Mostafa Khalil


Prepare to succeed at your VCDX panel defense and gain world-class knowledge for designing complex VMware environments


VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level of VMware certification, achieved by dedicated  professionals who have demonstrated exceptional skill in VMware enterprise deployments. To earn a VCDX, professionals must create a complete enterprise VMware design and undergo an arduous defense at the hands of some of the world’s most sophisticated VMware experts.


Now, for the first time, there’s a comprehensive guide to VCDX defense: VCDX Boot Camp. Based on the legendary standing-room-only boot camps led by VCDX co-creator John Arrasjid, this guide captures the unsurpassed personal experience of three pioneering VCDX certification holders, program developers, and defense panelists.


John Arrasjid, Ben Lin, and Mostafa Khalil cover everything you need to know to prepare for certification. They demystify the entire VCDX defense process, clearly explain its format and prerequisites, and offer indispensable tips for maximizing your likelihood of success. Detailed chapters on both design and troubleshooting offer four complete scenarios explaining exactly what VCDX panelists will expect from  your defense.


Learn how to think like a VCDX, discovering powerful insights and best practices for designing your  own world-class virtualized environment.


Coverage includes

     •    Authoritative preparation guidance (including expert insights into scheduling your preparation and defense)

     •    Tips for conducting mock defenses, boot camps, and study sessions with your colleagues

     •    How to select, create, and document a superior, defensible design

     •    How to make design choices and incorporate design patterns that support the VCDX blueprint

     •    How to confidently defend your skills in architecture, designing new solutions, and troubleshooting design or implementation flaws

     •    Proven tips for responding to tough questions from panelists

     •    Detailed example defenses of designs incorporating VCDX-DCV, VCDX-Cloud, and  VCDX-DT




VMware Certified Design Expert(VCDX)是VMware認證的最高級別,由在VMware企業部署中展示出卓越技能的專業人士所獲得。要獲得VCDX認證,專業人士必須創建一個完整的企業VMware設計並接受一個艱鉅的辯護,由全球最專業的VMware專家進行。

現在,首次出現了一本全面的VCDX辯護指南:VCDX Boot Camp。基於由VCDX共同創始人John Arrasjid領導的傳奇擠滿人的訓練營,這本指南捕捉了三位開創性的VCDX認證持有者、計劃開發者和辯護小組成員的無與倫比的個人經驗。

John Arrasjid、Ben Lin和Mostafa Khalil涵蓋了您準備認證所需的一切。他們揭開了整個VCDX辯護過程的神秘面紗,清楚解釋了其格式和先決條件,並提供了無價的成功機會最大化的寶貴提示。關於設計和故障排除的詳細章節提供了四個完整的情景,解釋了VCDX辯護小組將從您的辯護中期望什麼。



- 權威的準備指南(包括專家對安排準備和辯護的見解)
- 進行模擬辯護、訓練營和與同事的學習會議的技巧
- 如何選擇、創建和記錄一個優秀、可辯護的設計
- 如何做出設計選擇並融入支持VCDX藍圖的設計模式
- 如何自信地辯護您在架構、設計新解決方案和排除設計或實施缺陷方面的技能
- 應對辯護小組難題的實踐技巧
- 包含VCDX-DCV、VCDX-Cloud和VCDX-DT設計的詳細實例辯護